Seduced at the bar

I was working away on business to London, representing my company and dealing with new clients that my boss really wanted to work with on a new business development project. It was long hours, a lot of travelling, and it was also rather lonely. After a long day in the office, I decided that I would treat myself to a few drinks at the hotel bar before I headed back to Manchester the next day. I ordered myself a gin and tonic and sat on stool at the side of the bar, perfect viewing of the football game on the television.

I was getting quite wrapped up in the game, and the gin was going down well, when I heard an angelic voice ask for a glass of red wine. I took a glance to my right and a beautiful oriental woman in a long, sleek black dressed leaned against the bar. She turned her head, and her red painted lips gave me a cheeky smirk, and I nervously smiled back. Her hair looked as silky and sleek as her dress, and I could see every curve of her toned body. This woman was an Asian Goddess, truly stunning in every way, and I had to talk to her. “Hey, I’m Jim”, I said as I held out of shaking hand. “Judy”, she replied with that same cheeky smile and sexy voice that I had heard before. Her small, well-kept hands felt so soft, and touching her sent a rush of butterflies through my stomach.

After about an hour of chatting with this absolute stunner, and 5 or 6 gins in, she started to move closer to me. Her delicate hand brushed off my leg, and I could smell her sweet scent. I broke out in a nervous sweat as she leaned in closer to me and I could feel her honey breath on my neck. Her soft whisper in my ear demanding that I take her to my hotel room. I opened the door and she told me to lie on the bed, while she went to the bathroom to freshen up. Taking off my suit jacket and loosening my tie, my heart started racing and I didn’t know how I should sit on the bed. Just then, the bathroom door opened, and I couldn’t believe what stood before me. Her silky, black dress hit the floor revealing her laced red bra and matching panties. She walked seductively towards me, every step she got closer my heart beat increased rapidly. Crawling on to the bed and then slowly making her way over my body, I started to get hard as a rock. Unbuttoning my shirt and undoing my belt, I was naked before I knew it. We began to kiss, her red lipstick somehow staying untouched.

After a few moments she got fully undressed and began rubbing her body all over mine, and using her hands to caress my balls and penis. It was so sensual, and I was so aroused. It felt amazing not just physically, but mentally. All my stress and tension from the business trip suddenly faded away and I felt as if I was in heaven, with this Asian angel. I had never had such a tantric massage sex experience before, she was such a lioness and knew exactly how and where to touch me to drive me crazy. After numerous hours of the most amazing sex of my life, we fell asleep into a deep slumber.

When I awoke in the morning, my Asian delight was nowhere to be seen. On the side of my bed was a little white note, so I read it. She left an address for me, a location in London. What was I to do? I was meant to leave for Manchester in just an hour, and had a huge meeting. I couldn’t get her out of my mind, and I knew that I may regret it if I never see her again. I packed up my stuff and left for the train station, I couldn’t throw away work commitments for a woman, but she wasn’t just any woman.

As my train pulled up to the platform and the doors opened, my body became stiff and I couldn’t force myself on to the train. I knew deep down that I needed to see Judy again, so I took her note out of my pocket and went to find her.


The mysterious address Asian girl Judy left on the paper was our tantric massage parlour in London. Judy is actually one of our masseuses who agreed to share this story with you. The man from this story is Judy’s regular customer since the time they met at the bar. Book a tantric massage with Judy or simply visit us. We are sure our girls will make you want to become our next regular customer. More information about tantric massage London here

Getting 4 hands for the first time

As a teenager I always fantasised about having a threesome with two beautiful women at the same time, I mean what young guy didn’t? There is a lot of mystery around it because it is seductive, alluring and double the fun. The idea of it being forbidden also turns me on hugely. Even now as a man in his thirties, my mind more than often turns to these fantasies and there’s nothing more I crave than two beautiful women pleasing me and worshipping my body.

However, tradition swept in and I ended up getting married in my early twenties to the mother of my children. Our sex life is good and we do get intimate quite frequently which is good considering we lead busy lives. But for many years I always felt as if there was something missing, and never felt fully satisfied or fulfilled after we had sex. I knew that this problem stemmed from my undying fantasy to have a threesome, but how was I meant to propose this sort of proposition to my wife? She would immediately say no and it would have caused further complications in our relationship.

A few months ago I browsed the internet with curiosity and found that there was various services available around London that could possibly tend to my needs. London is a hub for erotic masseuses who perform 4 hands massages that involves’ a body-to-body massage performed by not one, but two girls, perfect for me! I dialled the phone number and within minutes I had a booking with two very beautiful Chinese women who be part of my life long fantasy that I had craved since a young man. Of course I was worried about the idea of being unfaithful to my wife, but I guessed that it may help our sex life and that if I am able to fulfil my sexual fantasies elsewhere then it will have a positive impact on our sex life.

I entered the room of the parlour and was greeted very kindly by two beautiful Asian masseuses who both had bright eyes and warm smiles. I immediately felt at ease, and the room was dimmed with a sweet aroma of candles filling it. There was a huge bed with fresh, clean sheets and towels provided also. I got undressed and lay out on the bed. The girls took one half of my body each and began to rub their gifted hands over my muscles, releasing all my tensions. All my troubles and worries began to fade away and I felt total relaxation while the girls seemed to be enjoying themselves too. Beforehand when I had received a massage I the masseuse would release tensions step by step, but the 4 hands massage meant that so many parts of my body were being focused on at the same time, making it feel a whole lot better.

After a few minutes, their strokes and rubbing became a lot more sensual, and their hands began to visit more sensitive parts of my body. I couldn’t help but to become aroused by their movements. They rolled me onto my side and lay down either side of me fully naked, one of them focused on my penis while the other focused on giving me prostate play. Both of these combined sent sensual rushes through my entire body, and I felt special and wanted. These complete strangers seemed to know exactly what I wanted and knew just were to touch me. My desire to be simultaneously adored by two women at the same time was finally being made a reality. I didn’t want it to end, and towards the end of our tantric triad I was surprised at how much is helped me both mentally and physically. It was the best sexual experience I ever had, and I wondered why threesomes are still such a taboo.

Over the next few days I couldn’t stop thinking about my 4 hands massage, and I didn’t even have time to feel guilty about being unfaithful to my wife because my mind was so focused on it. When it came to being intimate with my wife, I thought about the 4 hands massage throughout having sex with her. When she touched me I imagined the extra pair of hands and it really helped my performance and helped bring me to climax a lot easier. Although I feel content in my sex life a tiny bit more, I definitely will be returning to receive a 4 hands massage again. I advise you to get one too!

If you plan to get a 4 hands massage in London but you are not sure how to start, visit 4 hands massage London page for more details and then call the number provided. Lovely girls on the phone will instruct you about everything. Enjoy your naughty massage!

Incall vs. Outcall; A Guide to why an erotic outcall massage is better in London

There are very few things that are better than being surrounded by the comfort and warmness of your own home after a long hard day a work, and there is also no better feeling than being aroused and having your body worshipped by a beautiful woman. So why not combine the two and get an outcall erotic massage to your home, office or even your hotel room?

The stress of everyday life can more than often take its toll on both your body and your mind, and many of us wish we could push a big red button and escape from it all. An erotic massage is one way to do this, even more so if you have an outcall one. Of course, incall massages are equally as pleasing of an experience, but outcall massages give you that extra little bit of heaven. Both have their pros and cons, but all in all outcall is often the more desirable option, and here is why;

  • The obvious reason an outcall erotic massage may be more appealing is the comfort factor. An erotic massage should be a relaxing, pleasurable and mind-blowing experience for you. It is a lot easier to reach these feelings if you are in your own home, hotel room or office because you automatically feel more at ease due to your familiar surroundings. You can use your own shower and towels beforehand and after, you can use your own bathroom and you also have access to fresh and clean clothes after you are done.
  • It is a whole lot more convenient for you! All you have to do is pick up the phone and make a booking or send a quick email with your desired service and time, and the girl of your choice will make her way to you. You don’t have to plan your trip to a parlour or pay for travel, you simply make a booking and wait for a beautiful woman to turn up. This is especially easy for you if you are visiting the city and don’t know your way around. This convenience also means a stress free booking for you, which allows you to sit back and relax until the girl arrives.
  • If you decide to have an outcall to your own home you are in control of the temperature, the lighting, and even the scents that you want to make your experience that little bit more sensual. You can dim the lights, light up a scented candle and play some seductive music to get you into the mood.
  • Although in terms of price an outcall is generally more expensive than an incall booking, it is better value for your money. The main reason it is more expensive is that the masseuse has to factor in her time, her travel costs, the distance she is travelling and then there is the standard pricing of the actual masseuse and her skill. However, all the girls that get sent to do the outcall bookings are highly trained and worth the extra money. The masseuse acknowledges that you have chosen an outcall and uses her sensual touch to make sure you receive an intimate and climaxing body to body experience that you won’t forget.
  • The outcall option is often a lot more discreet for many. Instead of being seen going into a parlour or in a certain area, an outcall erotic massage allows you to stay indoors and is often a lot more private and secure for you. It is a very intimate experience and a lot of people want to keep it that way, an outcall erotic massage is the perfect way to do so.
  • One of the great things about an outcall booking is you can get it to a hotel room. Whether you are visiting the city briefly or want a taste of the lavish lifestyle, outcall massage services to your hotel room adds to that luxury. If you are staying in a fancy hotel with a huge bed and silky sheets, why not make the most of it and get the girl to come to you.
  • Outcall masseuses typically work late which means that you can be a lot more flexible with your time. So whether you want one when you get in from work, or perhaps after a night out in town, they will come to you and provide you with special treatment that will leave you very satisfied.

All in all, outcall massage London services have their own unique benefits that are hard to match. They are hassle-free and make the time before, during and after the massage an easier and more relaxed experience. All you have to do is make the booking and enjoy a stimulating and erotic experience from a stunning woman who knows exactly how to tend to your every need. Visit out outcall massage London page to find out more.