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If you’re no stranger to erotic massages, you’ll know that they are sensual, spiritual and extremely pleasurable experiences. You’ll have learnt about your body; how to read it, how to stimulate your senses and how to prolong pleasure. Maybe you think you’ve already experienced the ultimate pleasure and believe it will never get better. You are wrong, and we at Happy Massage Ltd will tell you why. Our unique Prostate Massage is the ultimate pleasure because it stimulates areas within your body that have never been approached before. Ever wondered what it would feel like to have your G-spot stimulated? Now you can, and our expert Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai masseuses are here to guide you through it every step of the way. As well as being gateways to pleasure, Prostate Massages have various physical and mental health benefits. Often prescribed by Doctors, Prostate Massages are safe, efficient and good for you! Unsurprisingly, many men shy away from the prospect of getting a Prostate massage, but answer me this question: What is daunting about having a stunning, expert masseuse guiding you the greatest orgasm of your life? There is your answer, so don’t hesitate any longer and book your session today.

A Selection of Our Incall Prostate Massage Parlour Girls


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What are Prostate Massages?

Also known as the ‘milking service’, Prostate Massages are medically recognised as being extremely successful in treating prostate-related illnesses. Although this phrase may seem a little disconcerting, stimulation of the prostate gland encourages trapped and potentially harmful fluids to leave the body. This release of fluids is not only medically beneficial, but it’s also overwhelmingly and irrefutably pleasurable. The list of medical advantages doesn’t end there. Here are some of the health benefits you can expect from this style of massage:

•    Improved erectile function
•    Improves/ reconciles prostatitis
•    Relief from prostatitis and urinal tract infections
•    Improved sex drive
•    Decreases blood pressure
•    Better stamina in bed
•    Regular ejaculation
•    Stress relief

Anal stimulation is no longer associated solely with homosexuality; it is a recognised and accepted avenue for men of all ages and sexuality to explore. At Happy Massage Ltd, it is our job to give you the experience of a lifetime, which is why we only hire the most experienced and knowledgeable masseuses. Have your pick from one of our stunning girls, and let her lead you through this incredible experience using tried and tested techniques which have been used for thousands of years.

How does a prostate massage session entail?

For this style of massage, all clients are expected to shower and have a bowel movement 30 minutes before the session starts to ensure the massage is as clean and comfortable as possible for you and your masseuse. The warm water from the shower will relax your body and clear your mind- perfect for the massage ahead.

Once you’re clean, your hand picked masseuse will lie you down on the massage table where she will cover your intimate areas with a towel for some initial discretion. Ironing out tension and stress from your muscles, your masseuse will start with a full body massage to completely relax you and your body. This gentle, soothing experience will prepare you for your chosen massage, and will awaken your arousal levels. Shortly afterwards, your masseuse will turn you onto your back where she will proceed to remove the towel and begin the massage.

Your stunning massage will use a variety of techniques to stimulate, caress and pleasure your prostate, and unlock new senses you never knew existed. This incredibly arousing style of massage will make your legs shake, your heart pound and will drive your senses into frenzy. As your arousal levels surge and your level of pleasure intensifies, trapped fluids in your body will rise closer and closer to the surface until you reach the point of no return. This encouraged and welcomes release can only be described as totally euphoric and enlightening. Your body will feel rejuvenated, your senses will be satisfied and you will feel completely liberated. This is a once in a life time experience- so what are you waiting for?

How much is the session and what does it include?

•    Incall Prostate Massages £120 Per Hour
•    Outcall Prostate Massages £150 Per Hour
•    For our mobile service, prices vary
•    For twice the pleasure, try our 4 Hands service; price starts at £240
•    Full body relaxing massage
•    A stunning Asian masseuse of your choice
•    Everything needed for the session
•    Manual Prostate Massage/ Milking
•    Prolonged pleasure
•    Slow build up
•    Ultimate Happy Ending/Release

100% Discrete

At Happy Massage Ltd, discretion is important to us, which is why you never have to worry about any personal details or details of your booking being stored or passed on. As part of our policy, all details are destroyed after the session to ensure absolute privacy for you. Our masseuses are fully trained, 100% authentic professionals, and will also endeavour to keep your experience between you and them.

How do I book/pay?

For added discretion, we only accept cash payments which should be given to your masseuse before the session. To make a booking or to enquire about a massage style, call us on the 24 hour phone number, or email us. Our services run all day, every day, and 365 days a year, meaning we can fulfil your fantasies at any given time.