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At, we believe that everyone should try a visiting Asian massage at least once in their lifetime. An Asian massage is one of the best ways to eradicate stress for good as it pinpoints the very source and ensures long-lasting mental clarity. There are many styles of Asian massage that promote a healthy state of mind and body. At, we offer a wide variety of incall and outcall massages that you can’t find anywhere else in the Green Park area.

A Few Green Park London Visiting Masseuses (SW1)

Why you should get an Asian visiting massage

Typically, a classic oriental massage involves a lot of the same techniques as normal massage therapies. They use varying pressures and hand movements to reach into the deeper levels of the muscle tissues to relieve built-up tension – much like normal massages. But the main difference is that they target the sexual areas of the body as well as the main parts.

Tension can be held all over the body, but usually collects in the shoulders, back, neck and legs as these are the areas that bear the brunt of your movements throughout the day. Normal massage therapy such as Swedish massage targets these main areas and this prevents major build-up in these parts. However, tension can also collect or spread to other areas during normal massages. One part in particular is the sexual area, and because normal massages don’t work on these areas, the tension builds and builds until it becomes a problem.

Have you ever joked that a particularly uptight boss is clearly lacking some action? Well, this is what happens when sexual frustration builds up – it can make you irritable and grouchy. Asian massages work to release tension from all over the body, sexual areas as well as the main parts, which prevents any build-up or spreading of stress. This means oriental massage therapy is the best way to receive a holistic treatment and experience literal head-to-toe satisfaction.

Why an Asian massage feels so good

It’s normal to become a little aroused during a massage. Intense relaxation can have that effect. But normal massages never work on the sexual areas as well, so clients leave feeling relaxed yet slightly unsatisfied as their arousal wasn’t addressed. They might even feel embarrassed. Oriental massages are different as they do address this arousal.

At, we welcome arousal with open arms. Our Asian massages are meant to excite your senses and turn you on, because we believe that orgasmic pleasure is the best way to relieve stress. All of our therapists have been professionally and authentically trained in oriental massage therapy. And unlike many of our competitors, we only hire genuine Asian girls! Why is this a good thing? Well, you wouldn’t order chow mein at a pizzeria and expect it to be as authentic as the one they do in a real Chinese restaurant at the hands of an Asian chef, would you? All of our therapists have undertaken thorough training at prestigious Asian massage courses so you can be sure you are having a real oriental experience.

About our massage service

As well as receiving a high class, authentic oriental massage service, you can choose to have an incall or outcall massage. All of our masseuses are fully mobile so can travel to wherever you are in the Green Park area if you’re too busy or too far away from our parlour. The choice is yours – from just £130 an hour, you can have your massage in a private hotel room, your own house or even your work office if you’re a workaholic who needs a little extra motivation. We have a selection of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai massage therapists who are available from 9am to midnight every day. Check out our gallery and then contact us to find out their availability.

Pick any one of these massages, or if you’re feeling adventurous, mix and match styles. You can even upgrade to our premium 4 Hands massage – that’s two masseuses instead of one!

  1. Body to body
  2. Erotic
  3. Happy ending
  4. Lingam
  5. Nuru
  6. Prostate
  7. Sensual
  8. Tantric

About Green Park

Green Park, which is one of the Royal Parks of London, covers 47 acres of land and is located in the City of Westminster. Green Park, Kensington Gardens and the gardens of Buckingham Palace form a near-unbroken stretch of open land that stretches from Whitehall and Victoria Station to Kensington and Notting Hill. Unlike its neighbouring parks, Green Park has no lakes, playgrounds or buildings. It consists mainly of mature trees and a few monuments, but is still beautifully picturesque. It’s perfect for a tranquil nature walk or a casual jog.

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