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If you’re looking for unrivalled mind-blowing pleasure, look no further. Here at Happy Massage, we provide nuru massages that are guaranteed to change your life. There are few things more erotic than nuru and many of our clients say it’s better than sex. Come along and try!

What is a nuru massage?

‘Nuru’ means ‘slippery’ in Japanese and the massage is also known as ‘the body slide’ massage because the masseuse literally slides her body down the client’s as a way of massaging. A special ‘nuru’ gel is used, which is extremely slippery and acts as a lubricant between the two bodies.

Nuru massages originate from Japan and were invented when changes in Japanese law restricted the work of sex workers. Instead of sex, the adult industry began selling sensual bathing and body-to-body massages as an alternative to penetrative sex. It’s very intimate and erotic. Unsurprisingly, the ritual kicked off and is now one of the most popular and expensive commodities in Japan’s red light district. Luckily for you, you don’t have to travel all the way to Japan – we offer nuru massage services right here in London!

Some of the girls from our incall nuru massage parlours

A typical nuru massage experience

A nuru massage will always start off with a shower, either with the masseuse or without depending on the size of the shower space. This is not only for cleanliness, but the special nuru gel works best on clean, warm skin. Contaminants may interact with it and ruin the experience. Plus, a shared shower is very sexy and sets the intimate mood off.

Then, the masseuse will take you to the massage area and ask you to get comfortable, lying on your front. She’ll start by giving you a full body massage, sensual but nothing too out of ordinary. The point of this step is to relax your muscles and mind, letting you enter the first stage of tension release.

Once you’re relaxed and any muscle knots have been ironed out, the masseuse will prepare the nuru gel. This gel is made of Nori seaweed – the kind used in sushi, so it’s edible. It’s totally colourless and odourless, and the kinds that our masseuses use have followed authentic Japanese formulas and are easily washed off. The masseuse will mix the gel with water to get the desired consistency before pouring all over your body and her own.

This is where the nuru massage really begins. The masseuse will climb on top of you and massage your body with her own. She will slide, rub and grind her entire body against yours. Her breasts, her legs, her buttocks, her groin – you name it. There will not be a single crevice of her slippery body that doesn’t touch yours. The sensation of a naked Asian masseuse pressing and sliding her sexy body against yours will drive you wild with desire. And that’s while you’re lying on your front. Imagine the delight when you roll over onto your front. By this point, you’re probably struggling to control your thoughts. After all, there is an Asian masseuse rubbing her gloriously naked, sexy body against yours, driving you to heights of pleasure you never dreamed were even possible.

Nuru massages sound great, don’t they? And better yet, we can turn your wild fantasies into mind-blowing reality.

What’s included in our nuru massage london service?

Discrete Incall Massage Parlour or outcall Service

At Happy Massage Ltd, we make sure we always put our clients’ and masseuses’ safety, happiness and well-being first. We respect your privacy and operate with full client confidentiality. We’ll never share or store any of your personal information with anyone other than the masseuse. Because of this confidentiality clause, we only accept cash payments – cards will not be accepted under any circumstance. Please ensure you have the payment ready prior to the session beginning, otherwise it will not take place.

We offer our nuru massage service throughout London in two ways – via our various nuru massage incall parlours or via our 24 hour outcall massage service. Both cover greater and central london, you can contact us for the incall locations easily using the 24 hour number on this website.

We are a professional massage provider and all of our masseuses have proven themselves to be masters in the art of nuru massage. However, if you have any problems or are unhappy in any way, let us know and we’d be happy to help.

To make a booking or if you’d like more information on our services, give us a call or drop an email through our contact us page.

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