The science why Swedish massage is the best massage EVER

If you’re looking for utter relaxation you cannot beat a Swedish massage. The slow, soft and soothing bodywork, which originates from in Berlin, is hailed as the most popular bodywork within western culture. Science has recently proved there to be SO many more reasons to seek Swedish massage which go beyond being relaxing and unwinding. Allow us to explain!

Let’s start off sleep…

Are you an individual who struggles to catch their zzzs at night or are sleeping FAR too much? Well, the good news for you is that Swedish massage can be the key to regulating your sleeping pattern. Doctors believe that seven to nine hours of snoozing is a healthy amount and Swedish massage helps to achieve this. By performing long effleurage and petrissage strokes onto your skin, Swedish massage therapists help to boost the amount of Serotonin within your body. The more Serotonin we have, the more regular our sleeping pattern will become – ultimately relieving symptoms of insomnia and chronic fatigue syndrome. If you’re thinking about consulting Swedish massage therapy for sleeping troubles then we advise booking a session within the evening time, when activities such as working, exercise or walking the dog will already be carried out and won’t erase the benefits of the session.

Aches and pains

If you’re a victim of a bad back, migraines or arthritis the chances are you’ve tried every painkiller under the sun to try and relieve painful symptoms. However, we advise you to the stop and try Swedish massage as an alternative and natural treatment instead. By the therapists using their delicate soft hands to glide over your body, a rush of endorphins is triggered. Many scientists understand endorphins to be the ‘body’s natural painkiller’ as when unleashed they immediately block the pain signals before they reach the central nervous system – ultimately giving the sufferer gloriously rewarding relief. So what evidence supports this?

Well, a 2002 study investigated the effect of massage therapy on victims of chronic headaches. During the study, the participants received Swedish strokes directed towards the neck and shoulder muscles with headache frequency, duration of pain and the intensity being recorded throughout. It found that headache frequency was reductive massively during the first week of the therapy, with reductions continuing as the study progressed. For most participants the headaches duration was also decreased. (Source: )

So to summarise, the more Swedish massage therapy sessions you opt for the more your aches and pains will be eliminated.

Prevents you from getting sick

Its winter and the chances of getting bogged down with the common cold and flu is rife. However, instead of having no choice but to take sick days and being cooked up on the sofa coughing and spluttering opt for a Swedish massage instead. Swedish massage works wonders by strengthening your immune system – with this working in two ways. First of all, the long and delicate strokes used in Swedish therapy boosts the amount of white blood cells within the body. The more white blood cells you have, the stronger your immune system usually is – ultimately preventing you from getting sick. And number two, by massaging your skin the Swedish massage therapist is able to regulate the blood circulation and replenish fresh oxygen to the body’s organs – this also helps to boost your immune system’s functions. If you’re someone who gets ill an awful lot, it’s worth considering Swedish massage therapy.

Let’s talk stress!

For decades, we have understood Swedish massage to be amazing for stress relief. But what’s the science behind this? Well, when we are stressed the stress hormone cortisol becomes trapped within our muscles – ultimately building up muscle unwanted tension and pain. However, by using petrissage techniques the therapist is able to knead out the muscle knots and erase the cortisol, ultimately providing rewarding stress relief. Massage can also emotionally and mentally eliminate stress too, by boosting the ‘feel good’ hormone oxytocin. As well as stress relief, oxytocin also encourages positive feelings, increases concentration and uplifts motivation.

Swedish massage is brimming with benefits and is regarded by many as an essential part of health maintenance. Why not books yours in today with a Happy Massage?

The etiquette towards a sex-worker

Being a sex-worker is a professional trade, which involves generating an income from offering sexual services. Though there are millions of sex-workers around the globe, there are many people who are disrespectful towards them and tarnish them with negative connotations. Many are quick to use the derogatory terms ‘prossy’, ‘hooker’ and ‘whore’ as synonyms for sex-workers.  Sex-workers may use their body as their main tool to make a living, but this doesn’t mean they deserve the abuse they are often subjected to. The sex industry is just a normal livelihood, just like being a hairdresser, spa-therapist or counsellor. Here is some etiquette you should follow towards sex-workers.

1. Don’t use offensive language

It’s important to realise that sex-workers are just normal people trying to make a living and do have feelings. Some men often get carried away and ask questions such as ‘Can I f*** her in the pussy?’ and ‘Will she suck my cock?’ as well as referring to the workers as ‘bitches’ and ‘prostitutes’ Language like this is extremely offensive to a sex-worker and will probably make them dislike you before the session has begun. If you start to use derogatory phrases the worker will probably give you a warning to stop. If you chose to continue then the worker is within her rights to stop the session immediately and ask you to leave. No refunds will be given. Politeness and manners cost nothing and will reward you with an unrushed and more professional service.

2. Don’t barter the price

Would you step foot in Tesco’s and haggle down the price of a loaf of bread? No you wouldn’t, therefore you should never try and get a lower price from a sex-worker. It’s disrespectful and can make them feel worthless. Erotic parlours are legitimate businesses, which pay their taxes and follow government guidelines just like any other professional company in Britain. To ask for a discount could rapidly decrease their profits. If you don’t like the price of a session then don’t book, it’s that simple.

3. Never presume the worker does a particular service

Any service needs to be discussed with a sex-worker before the session commences. This not only means the money side can be dealt with straight away, but it also ensures you and the worker are on the same wave length when it comes to what the session is going to entail. It’s important to never presume the worker is going to conduct such service. Oral without, intercourse and reversed oral are often classified as extras, which are offered by most workers but may not be by others. Though some customers do ask for it, it’s breaking UK law to engage in intercourse with a sex-worker without using a condom. If you presume the worker offers a service without requesting it initially then you’ll be likely shown out the door and black-listed from the parlour. The sex industry uses a special database, in which workers can upload client information to warn other workers of men who have stepped out of line. If you want to remain on good terms with the sex-industry you need to remain respectful and understand no means no.

4. Shower before your appointment

A session with a sex-worker is super intimate and involves a lot of close body contact. Do you think a sex-worker wants to get up, close and personal with your stinky body? Of course, the answer is no. Therefore it’s important to shower before your session. Personal hygiene is common courtesy at the end of the day. It’s understood that many gentlemen might choose to opt for the services of a sex-worker after a long day at the office. If it’s not feasible to nip home and shower before your session then don’t worry, as many sex-workers have complimentary shower facilities which you can use free of charge before your service commences. There really isn’t any excuse to have poor hygiene when seeking the services of a sex-worker.

We hope this post has educated you on the etiquette you should follow towards sex-workers. In time, we hope sex-workers are treated with the upmost respect they deserve and wipe prejudice views towards them out completely.

Once you know there is such thing as an etiquette towards a sex worker it might be a great idea to book a sensual massage in Camden Town incall location. We kindly recommend you this service that you can book by calling:

5 Reasons London Is the Best Place to Be After a Christmas Breakup

Let’s face it, break up are never fun, whether you are the perpetrator or heartbroken victim.

Night life

When our beau dumps us sometimes the only thing to do is get blind drunk, stumble into a crappy club night and dance/cry the night away with your pals while singing Mr Brightside or Britney at the top of your lungs, followed by fried chicken on the way home of course. London is a hub for crappy club nights like Inferno’s in Brixton , Pryzm or Tiger Tiger… I mean who doesn’t love sticky floors, chart bangers and cheap shots of Sambuca when you’ve just had your heart broken?

You’ll never bump into them

Although the size and population of London may seem like a burden most of the time, it will certainly work a lot in your favour when you are trying to avoid bumping into someone you don’t want to see, meaning it is perfect for when you are going through a break up. Even if you do happen to be in the same area as your ex-lover, there is most likely enough people around you to guard you from any sort of awkward small talk… hide in the crowds!

There are plenty of other singletons

Whether you want to use tinder or meet someone the old fashioned way, London certainly has no shortage of other possible future baes. Whether you want to get back on the dating scene or perhaps you are just looking for rebound shag, this bustling city will have someone to help you get over your ex.

London prices

If you want to shift your sadness and despair someplace else, then you only have to think of the sky rocketing London prices and they are bound to make you cry. Expensive renting, high cost travel, and £6 for a pint, are you serious?

There’s so much to do and see

No matter how long you have lived in London, there will always be a pocket of the city that you have yet to discover. Whether you do the usual tourist stuff like visit Buckingham Palace, ride a red tour bus, take a ride in the London Eye or visit multicultural parts of the city such as Brick Lane or Camden Markets you are sure to keep occupied and start to enjoy your time being single.


London has more singletons than you think, which is probably why there is fun and inventive speed dating events popping up all across the city. But your best glad rags onm, have a few drinks and get ready to talk about yourself… Speed dating is a great way to boost your confidence and get back in the game after being stuck in your boring relationship for so long.

Get an erotic massage

It is very true that you need to get over someone to get over someone and what better way to do so than having an erotic massage? I mean, you could just meet someone on a boozy night out but that requires chatting them up, possible crappy sex and an awkward goodbye the next morning. On the other hand, an erotic massage is simple and easy and you can get them almost anywhere in the city! 

London is a hub for Asian massage parlours where you will find the most beautiful Chinese, Korean and Japanese masseuses ready to please and pleasure you. Shake off your single blues and get a full body rub down by a stunning masseuse who is highly trained to help you feel refreshed and relieved, both physically and mentally. 

There are many different styles of erotic massage therapy to choose from, so no matter what type of mod you are, there will be something that matches your needs and desires. From a happy ending massage to more exotic styles such as nuru and prostate massage therapy, you will have a great time deciding which way your sensual session goes.

Are you interested in having an erotic massage in London?

If you would like to book an erotic happy ending massage in central London with one of our professionally trained, talented oriental masseuses then please contact us via SMS, landline or email. We are open daily between the hours of 6 am until 3 am and we always let our customers have complete choice over girls.

Get into the relaxing Christmas cheer in Covent Garden

Let’s be honest, there’s no place like London for Christmas.  The capital city is brimming with things to do to get you into the festive cheer, including visiting Santa at Harrods, tucking into mulled wine at Winter Wonderland and ice skating outside the National History Museum. Due to how popular London is throughout December, the whole city can often be consumed by chaos. However, here at Happy massage we truly believe you can take a much more relaxed approach to Christmas while still being in London, let’s introduce you to Covent Garden..

With chic boutiques, traditional British pubs and fresh market cuisine, Covent Garden feels a far cry from the bustling streets of London. Despite this, the cute colourful terraces are classified as London’s Central Zone – and are just in 10 minutes reach of Westminster, Liverpool Street and Marylebone. Covent Garden is a hidden gem when it comes to Christmas shopping, indulging in the magical festivities and escaping the grinds of London. Here are our top picks of things to do in Covent Garden this Christmas..

Late night shopping and carols

Let’s be honest, London isn’t short of places to go shopping. With ample of high-street chains on Oxford Street, copious department stores in Kensington and high-end designer shops in Chelsea – it’s no surprise that millions of shoppers flock to London in time for Christmas. However, due to how popular London is shopping over the festive period can be very stressful. However, instead of choosing to do your Christmas purchases online or venturing out to a shopping destination outside of the Central Zone then why not take a trip to Covent Garden instead? There might be no Debenhams or Marks and Spencer, but Covent Garden boasts many independent boutiques where you can stock up on gifts for loved ones. The West London district has more than 200 stores selling anything from hand-made toys, bespoke jewellery and vintage clothing. Covent Garden Market also boasts delicious world-renowned cuisine, where you can kick back and relax as you take a well-earned break from your Christmas shopping. During Thursday 6th, 13th and 20th December, Covent Garden stores are keeping their doors open until 9pm, with festive carol singers and choirs entertaining shoppers throughout their visit. If you’re looking to beat the grinds of inner-London Christmas shopping then Covent Garden is well worth a trip.

Ice skate at Somerset House

If you’re looking to fully get into the swing of Winter’s festivities, then you cannot beat a spot of ice skating. The good news is that London is brimming with places to take to the skates this Christmas. Here at Happy Massage we truly recommend a visit to the rink at Somerset House, which provides a truly magical and festive skating experience. Here a breath-taking Christmas tree takes centre stage, while beautiful fairy lights can be found on every corner of the spacious rink. As well as traditional ice skating, ice skaters can enjoy a series of Skate Late nights – which feature an array of world-class DJs taking to the rink side decks. And the fun isn’t over once you hang up your skates, as there’s also the opportunity to warm up and enjoy a mulled wine or hot cider in the Skate Lounge. The Winter fun can also be continued in the Fortnum’s Lodge Bar, which along with festive favourites, punters can tuck into a range of cocktails and spirits. Skate tickets start from just £11.

An erotic massage at Happy Massage

Baby it’s cold outside throughout December, so why not warm up and escape the stresses of Central London with an erotic massage? The Happy Massage parlour based in the heart of Covent Garden is offering super lavish, authentic and professional Asian massages in Covent Garden from just £120 per hour for an hour session. Here you can enjoy a delicious array of five star services including body to body, Nuru and Tantric massage – complete with the happy ending or the full service package. There are many reasons to treat yourself to an erotic massage in December. It erases all of your Christmas stresses, prevents common colds and boosts your mindset – not to mention the sensations are extremely euphoric! Due to extensive demand, the parlour is open between 10am to 3am throughout everyday in December (excluding Christmas Day) and is situated just a stone throw away from Covent Garden tube station. Call the booking team today to discuss availability

Why do men pay for sex?

Sex is a basic human need, just like food, love and shelter. Though most men and women need sex to climb up Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, it’s very much apparent that more guys pay for sex than females. There are many contributing factors to why this is, expectations from porn, less social pressures for monogamous relationships and boredom are just a few to name. Within this blogpost we are going to delve in (balls) deep and find out why men pay for sex..

It might often seem like a taboo subject, but the world is saturated with places where men can pay for sex.  A study by Fondation Cells estimated there are 40 million prostitutes globally, with a staggering 80 per cent of them being female. Many of these are high-class escorts, erotic masseuses, brothel workers and street walkers. So why are men paying for such services?

Expectations from porn

In the less decade, porn has become accessible to all. One tap into Google and you’ll be spoilt for choice with millions of X rated videos on various porn sites. Though we all love to watch porn, many phycologists believe it’s giving us unrealistic expectations of women and intimacy which sways many guys to pay for sex. Let’s look at female porn stars. Perky breasts, tiny waists and a big juicy bum seems to be the requirement to be successful in the industry. Not only are these women deemed aesthetically perfect within society, but they’re also super adventurous in the bedroom – which appeals to many guys. Deep throating, anal and the most daring sex positions are common within porn, which leaves many men fantasising without realising the realities. Many sex-workers cater to men who love porn, by often offering services such as ‘porn star experience’, ‘role-play’ and ‘water-sports’ within their description. These workers usually have a photo gallery, which showcases their flawless body in racy underwear or bikini. This leads the ordinary gentlemen to feel as though the only way they can maximise their sexual pleasures is to pay for it. Because after all, where are they going to find an ordinary woman who ticks all the boxes of a porn star.

Less relationship pressures

Just over 50 years ago it was expected that as a guy you would go to school, find a job, get married, move into a marital home and settle down to have kids. Nowadays, society is changing with men feeling as though they have more freedom to do as they please. Though finding a Mrs might not be as urgent, the need for sex is still there, which leads many men paying for sexual services. We’re not denying that many single guys regularly ‘pull’ on nights out, as well as using dating sites such as Tinder and Bumble for booty calls. However, some men don’t have the confidence to put themselves out there to hook up for casual sex. In recent years, TV shows such as Love Island have conveyed the ideologies than men need to be strong and have a six-pack to pull a stereotypical beautiful girl. This has left many guys feeling self-conscious and not good enough to initiate casual encounters with the opposite sex. To save embarrassment and to fulfil their needs, many men opt to pay for sex.

Boredom within the bedroom

We’re not going to beat around the bush here – it’s not just singleton men who pay for sex, copious married guys often seek sexual services too. We’re not here to condemn cheating, but we will suggest some reasons why husbands pay for sex with another women. After years of marriage, some men start to get bored in the bedroom. Many suggest they get tiresome of the same vanilla routine and crave excitement.  It’s also common for many married women to lose their libido as they get older, which leaves many husbands having no choice but to seek sex from elsewhere. So you’re probably wondering why these men don’t part ways with their wives and find a new lady in their life to reinstate the exhilaration which comes with a relationship. However, despite not having their sexual needs fulfilled, many of these are happily married and couldn’t imagine their life without their partner. Staying with their wife and paying for sexual services means they have the best of both worlds and maintains a healthy and happy life.

Work commitments

Society might be changing, with men and women coming more and more equal every day. However, it’s still apparent that males are higher up in the workplace (a whopping 78 per cent of CEOs are men) With high positions, come responsibility, which ultimately consumes a lot of time and cause a lot of stress. Many men with high-up jobs simply do not have enough time to sustain a relationship, nor do they have the hours in a day to arrange a casual encounter. Instead, they opt to pay a worker to fulfil their sexual needs. They find this a much easier way to seek sex. Time is precious in a high up job, so booking a professional service would mean they’re getting good sex, rather than arranging a casual hook-up with a female they might not be compatible with. It also means they aren’t pressured to seeing a certain someone again, as they are able to access sex spontaneously when they opt to pay for it. 

The sex industry has been around for centuries and is constantly evolving, men will still be paying for sex in years to come. However, as a patriarchal society continues to die out will we see a shift in more women seeking sexual services? We suppose only time will tell, but we are very interested in finding out..

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Things to do this November in Covent Garden

November… it is the time of year that is often associated with coldness and grey skies – but also the best time of year because it means mulled wine, cute dates and snow coated Victorian buildings. If you are visiting London this winter and are staying in Covent Garden area then you are in for a treat, because it thrives and shines during the winter months! With a constant stream of new restaurants, cafes and eateries opening combined with long lived shops and entertainment to enjoy, you can spend the whole day mooching around this lovely area of the city. 

Follow our Guide to make the most of your trip to London this November, with the best tips of things to do and see in the beautiful Covent Garden…

1. Wander around the streets

This may sound like a weird suggestion, but trust me when I say that Covent Garden is full of the most beautiful cobbled streets, alleyways and courtyards to explore. One of the most famous courtyards is Neal’s Yard, with quirky coloured doors and window frames and cute benches to rest on, it is right beside some of Covent Garden’s best shops.  If you enjoy aesthetically pleasing things, then wandering around the streets of Covent Garden should definitely be on your to do list.

2. London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum is based right in the centre of the Covent Garden area and is a perfect activity for tourists or locals to learn about London’s rich history. While at the museum, visitors will be able to see the link between transport and London as we know it now and how it shaped the city. You can get a picture beside the infamous red London bus; see the world’s first ever underground steam train and old carriages from the 1800s.

3. The Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House is a world famous theatre and is also home to the Royal Ballet and the ROH orchestra, how fancy! As well as tickets being on offer for shows and performances, visitors can also buy general admission tickets during the day to browse around the beautiful building and you can also book a pre-booked tour for groups. With both a stunning restaurant and terrace, you can enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine before or after your show.

4. Leicester Square

A Cultural hub based right in the heart of the West End, Leicester Square has so much to do, see and eat! It is the perfect way to spend your day, but even better at night when all of the bright buildings are shining their lights and the sound of music is pumping the streets. There really is no shortage of entertainment when it comes to this part of the city and visitors have an abundance of different shows and musicals to choose from on any night of the week.

5. Covent Garden Market

For many years, Covent Garden Market still supports traders like the once famous fruit and vegetable market that used to be there. With hand-made and unique crafts, food and good during the week, it is the perfect place to browse around for an organic apple cider or mulled wine during the winter months.

6. Somerset House

A neo-classical building right in the centre of London, what more could you want for a romantic getaway? Somerset House is set between the strand and river Thames and provides open air concerts, contemporary art exhibitions and other forms of entertainment.

7. Get an Asian Erotic Massage

It is a known thing that Covent Garden has no shortage of Asian massage parlours and that over the last decade it has become increasingly popular with tourist for this reason. What sets the Covent Garden Asian massage parlours ahead from the rest is the high quality 5* services they provide and the stunning Asian masseuses that perform the sessions. These massage parlours offer you a chance to have a genuine and authentic oriental massage experience with a professionally trained masseuse, right in the heart of London. Whether you want a soothing body to body massage or something a little extra and erotic, they will have your needs and desires covered.

Things to do near Heathrow Airport

So, you’ve got a layover or a few hours to spare at heathrow Airport, but what do you do? Luckily for you, Heathrow is the biggest and busiest Airport in the U.K which naturally means it has many attractions and things to do while you are waiting on your flight.

1. Grab a bite to eat

Heathrow is quite luxurious when it comes to food options, and you can ditch the fast food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King and actually take yourself out for a fancy meal. The food area is very sophisticated and some of the most popular options amongst jet setters are Carluccio’s, Wagamama’s and Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant. If you are looking for a simple snack or some coffee to wake you up, then there is also an abundance of Starbuck’s and Pret a Manger to tide you over until you next board.

2. Do a spot of shopping

Shopping at Heathrow doesn’t just mean you can get yourself a new bag or jacket for a discounted price, but it also means an abundance of souvenir shops where you can pick up some memorabilia or keep sakes from your trip.

3. Relax in a lounge

At Heathrow, even economy class can access the airport lounge area for a small fee, therefore you can really relax in style before your flight. You can spend your time at the airport in a quiet and comfortable zone, allowing yourself to get some much needed rest before you long haul flight. Many of the chairs in the lounge area also come with massage settings, so you will feel extra luxurious.

Go to the art gallery

Yes, you heard me right; Terminal 5 at Heathrow has its very own art gallery for flyers to browse around during their layover. This is great if you have to spend a few hours in between flights or if you have a few hours to spare as you will actually feel as if you have left the airport and wandered into London.

5. Get an erotic massage

This suggestion may come as a surprise to many of you as you might not think that erotic massage therapy is accessible from an airport, but that is where we come into play. As well as our luxurious massage parlour based just outside of the airport grounds, we also offer our customers the chance to have you selected masseuse come directly to your hotel room. Our soothing and pleasurable massage sessions are ideal for relaxing you while you are on your trip to London and are perfect for helping you feel prepared for your flight.

Some of the most popular massage styles requested at Heathrow are;

  • Happy ending massage
  • Prostate massage
  • Lingam massage
  • Four Hands massage
  • Soapy Shower massage
  • Nuru massage
  • Couples massage
  • Full service massage

Although Heathrow might be based in London, our erotic massage services offers you a chance to have a true taste of Asia, so if you are jetting off to the Far East then our ladies can get you fully prepared with some Asian hospitality. All of our masseuses are from China, Korea and Japan, therefore you will always have an authentic oriental beauty tending to your needs and desires. Fully trained to a professional level at some of the most elite massage therapy schools in their native counties, our stunning masseuses have come to the U.K to treat the gentlemen of London to their magical touch and gifted hands. Each masseuse will make your session individual to suit your personal needs and desires and provide you with a service that includes exactly what you want.

Although having a massage at Heathrow is slightly more expensive than having them in central London, due to it being on the outskirts of the city, it is certainly worth every penny you will spend. It is the perfect before or after flight treat and the effects if it will stay with you for many hours afterwards.

We are open daily from 10 am until 3 am, having an erotic massage at Heathrow and other popular areas in the city such as Marylebone, Bayswater, Liverpool St, South Kensington, Mayfair, Tottenham and Hammersmith.

Halloween in the East – How does Asia celebrate the most haunted day of the year?

In Europe and North America, it’s hard to imagine life without Halloween. The annual event, which is held on the 31st of October, originates from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. During proceedings, the Celts would light bonfires, wear scary costumes and perform rituals to frighten off ghosts, ghouls and spirits. Fast forward to 2019 and we still love to celebrate the chilling traditions of Halloween, often by trick or treating, holding fancy dress parties or embarking on a ghost tour. It seems that here in the West we can’t get enough of Halloween, but are the same thrills enjoyed in Asia? We took a look at China and Japan to find out. 


Just under 20 years ago, Halloween was an unknown concept in China. The only correlation was the Chinese Ghost Festival, which is held during the Lunar month every year. During this time, it’s believed that ghosts escape from the Hades and restlessly roam the streets of China. As a way to appease the spirits, believers often burn paper money and other valuables in small roadside fires. Compared to Halloween in the west, The Chinese Ghost Festival remains as a niche event.

Since, an influx of Westerners have moved to the likes of Beijing and Shanghai, bringing the Halloween traditions with them. Due to this, many bars, nightclubs and restaurants have catered to the Western demand and began to hold fright-themed nights towards the end of October. Many Chinese citizens have fully embraced Halloween and now hold their own adult-only parties to celebrate the creepy traditions. Children in China also get a taste for Halloween. English is a popular subject on the Chinese curriculum, therefore many teachers often hold small Halloween class parties in which the students are given the chance to dress up as witches, skeletons and zombies. There might be no trick or treating in China, but there is definitely enough to have a hauntingly amazing Halloween. 


Compared to many Asian countries, Halloween is pretty mainstream in Japan. It first gained popularity in 2000, when Tokyo Disneyland hosted its first Halloween event. The nation quickly became obsessed with Halloween and began to hold street parties, theme nights and bar crawls to mark the tradition every October. Even Universal Studios Tokyo copied Disney, by hosting Halloween horror nights every night throughout October on a yearly basis.  Japanese teenagers are the ones who fully embrace Halloween, who often embark to festivities in Shibiuya (Tokyo) and Centre Gai, where partying goes on into the early hours.

Japanese people love to dress-up and Halloween provides ample of opportunity to cosplay to their heart’s desire. Classic costumes such as witches, devils and cats are often worn. Many also use Halloween as a chance to dress up as some of their favourite characters, which include Pikatchu, Darth Vader and Storm Troopers. 

Japanese bakeries and restaurants also love to get into Halloween spirits, by offering special orange, black and purple desserts throughout October. These prove hugely popular with the Japanese.

Halloween in London

One place which isn’t short of things to do at Halloween is London, with the capital city bursting with events and tours to get you into the ghostly spirit. Thrill seekers are invited to play hide and seek at the London dungeons. As well as ghost tours which fully immerse into the stories of the ghosts and spirits who haunt the infamous Highgate cemetery. If you’re looking for a more fun approach to Halloween then there’s ample of events which give you the chance to dress-up and dance the night away in your favourite costume. Popular events include Pirates of the River Thames boat party, Trapped in Wonderland Halloween experience and The Twisted Circus Halloween Party which are held the weekend of Halloween.

And that’s not all, we have saved the best till last when it comes to London Halloween experience – introducing the sizzling Halloween four hands massage here at Happy Massage. Ok, it might be a little out the box, but our hauntingly amazing massage will have you shaking with pleasure instead of fear. Throughout the month of October, we are offering a special Halloween-themed four hands package for all of our amazing clients. Within the session, the girls will dress-up to the nines in a super-sultry Halloween outfit which has been chosen by you. Pumpkin-spiced candles will alight the sensual atmosphere as you get down and dirty to an ultra-seductive Halloween playlist (think She-wolf by Shakira!) The four hands Halloween package is available from just £240 for a one hour session, which also includes a complimentary Bloody Mary on your arrival. If you would like to find out more or make a booking then call our friendly and helpful team of agents today. This is a treat that we would definitely not trick you about!

All about Lingam massage

Lingam massage is one of the world’s oldest massage, loved and cherished by many gentlemen around the globe. However, due to its links with the erotic industry, many regard Lingam massage as a taboo subject.  Mainstream society struggles to acknowledge that sexy time is a basic human need – just like food, water and shelter. This makes us often shy away from chatting openly about sex-life. All of these factors often hinder our understanding of Lingam massage and its purposes, as many are quick to perceive the bodywork as a glorified hand-job or a PG term for a happy ending massage, which isn’t the case at all. Lingam massage is bursting with history and has much richer ideologies than just getting your end away. Within this blogpost we are going to explore Lingam massage in all its glory.. 

Lingam can be used to heal mental and physical ailments

Lingam is a type of Tantric massage, designed to improve overall well-being, heal past traumas and encourage seventh heaven relaxation by channelling positive energy through the male erogenous zones. In Latin, Lingam loosely translates to ‘wand of light’ with Tantra ideologies regarding the penis as the most sacred spot on the male body. They believe that Sen lines run through the whole male physique, which can become blocked when we are unwell or feeling stressed. By recognising the reflex points on the genitalia, the masseuse is able unblock the physical and emotional blockages, which helps the gentleman to heal.

The focus of Lingam is not to achieve orgasm

The biggest difference of Lingam massage and other erotic styles (in particularly the happy ending massage) is that its purpose isn’t to achieve orgasm, though it’s often welcomed. The focus of Lingam massage is to awaken the sexual energy within the genitalia and learning how to extend this pleasure to other areas of the body. This allows the receiver to discover new erogenous zones and harmonises the manhood with less sensitive areas of the physique, which ultimately improves our overall well-being greatly.

How does it work

Lingam massage is regarded as a marathon not a sprint, if you was to ejaculate soon after the massage has begun you’ve lost your control and aren’t in the race anymore. Tantra teachings show us how to preserve our sexual energy and how to channel it through our body, moving from the genital area, to the spine and then heart and brain. So what’s the purpose of this? Well, manoeuvring the sexual energy to other zones within the body helps us to improve overall as a person. When the energy reaches the heart and spine, we are able to become much more sensitive and sympathetic to other individual’s situations. While sexual energy that channels its way to the brain makes us feel more conscious of decisions we make. It will also erase negative thoughts and feelings. Those who seek Lingam massage for the first time are often surprised to discover that they feel super satisfied and euphoric, even when they haven’t ejaculated as part of the experience.

What to expect in a Lingam massage

If you’re thinking of booking a Lingam massage, then follow our step by step guide to understand what to expect:

  • Remove your clothes. The best Lingam massages are performed naked from the get-go. However, if you’re feeling a little shy then do inform the therapist, who will then be able to undress you to your comfort level throughout the massage. Towels and sheets can work wonders at covering your modesty.
  • Full body rubdown. Many people often believe Lingam massage rushes straight into massaging your penis, which isn’t the case at all. To warm up your body and to relax you a full body massage (using strokes from B2B) are performed. The therapist will begin by massaging your less-sexual areas (including the neck, back and shoulders), before manoeuvring down to your erogenous zones.
  • Stimulation of the erogenous zones. The masseuse will then pay full attention to your most sacred area of your body, your manhood. Allow her to cup, jerk and stroke all over your penis for the most glorious relief. She will then channel the sexual energy to your upper body, which will greatly enhance the pleasure and your self-control.

Many masseuses offer Lingam Full Service as an extra. This includes oral and penetration into the experience. If you would like to request Lingam Full Service then do discuss with your therapist at the start of your appointment. The majority of therapists are happy to take the adventure further with the full service for a small fee.

Book a Lingam massage today

Here at Happy Massage we are delighted to offer a truly authentic, professional and sexy Lingam service in Central London. We host a gorgeous array of Chinese, Japanese and Korean masseuses who have trained in the art of Lingam and Tantra in prestigious training schools in their native countries. They now find themselves in the bustles of London city to tantalise London residents, tourists and businessmen. Prices for Lingam start from as little £120, with the Full Service option being available for just £40 extra. Outcall is also available. If you would like to check which therapists are Lingam specialists, find out our opening hours or even make a booking then please dial our friendly English speaking booking line today 07818115239! We promise the BEST Lingam massage in London.

How to find a Tantric massage?

If you’re looking for a Tantric massage, London is certainly the place to be. The capital is saturated with massage parlours, walk-ins and agencies supplying the tantalising bodywork. While there might be lots of places to have a Tantric massage, it’s important to do your research beforehand to find one which is 100 per cent suited to you. Here are the factors we believe you should follow when finding a Tantric massage:

Make sure it’s a licenced massage parlour

One tap into Google and you’ll find many establishments in London who claim to offer a professional Tantric massage, but this is often a pack of lies. To minimise the risk of being scammed to zero, do avoid private escort services and dingy walk ins and instead find a reputable massage parlour. In England, only massage parlours are licenced to provide legal Tantric massages. To work in a massage parlour, the therapists have to obtain a licence, which certifies them as healthy, both mentally and physically. Licenced therapists have strict UK laws implemented on them, with one being they have to wear protection at all times and as a double precaution, undergo STI screening on a fortnightly basis. The licence also shows they have fully trained in all aspects of erotic massage, including Tantra, in a legitimate massaging school. Undertaking a Tantric massage from an unlicensed ‘masseuse’ can be dangerous. They often aren’t trained in massage strokes, which run the risk of harming your muscles. It also makes the chances of contracting an STD much higher as they often choose not to wear protection and avoid sexual health screening. While it might be tempting to get Tantric massage from the run-of-the-mill sex worker due to a cheaper price, do avoid – the risk factors make it so not worth it. If you’ve found a great parlour online and want to ensure it’s licenced, then do feel free to contact them to ask about their certificates. If the parlour is professional, the call centre team will be more than happy to disclose this information with you.

Make sure they’re your type of ladies

Let’s be honest, a big factor of enjoying your Tantric massage is fancying your masseuse. Therefore, be sure to find a parlour which hosts a range of girls who are just your type. While therapists from all over the world offering Tantric massage here in London, we believe that it is the oriental ladies who serve the best form of the bodywork. This is because Tantric massage originates in China, which means these girls demonstrate a passion for Tantra from a young age. They offer Tantric massage because they have an undeniable love for it, rather than trying to make a quick buck. To ensure our licenced parlour is a cut above the rest and maintains authentic to the origins of Tantra, we only host masseuses from China, Japan and Korea. Whether your type is a curvy goddess, a slender model or a petite babe then we have it covered – with most girls ranging from the youthful age of 20 and 30. We also have mature ladies available upon request, with our oldest licenced therapist being 45. We understand that fancying your therapist is a big part of your Tantric massage, therefore we go above and beyond to ensure we have a masseuse who is sure to be the girl of your dreams.

Ensure they offer the services and extras you desire

The spectrum of Tantric massage is super abroad, with services ranging from sweet vanilla, to overwhelming hot spice. It’s important to never presume a massage parlour will offer the type of Tantric massage you are seeking and do make sure to do your research beforehand. The majority of reputable massage parlours (including ourselves) will have a service page for every massage they offer, including Tantric massage. The page will go into detail about the massage and will provide information about how far the pleasure will go as part of their service. If this information isn’t available online, then do feel free to contact their call centre team who will be more than happy to inform you with what their massage entails. Here at Happy Massage we believe our Tantric massages should be tailored to suit your wildest of fantasies, which is why we offer both happy ending and full service Tantra packages. And that’s not all, our gorgeous girls are also open to extras which include French kissing, assisted shower and more. We really do love to spoil you and provide you with a service which suits your preferences down to the ground. We believe communication is key to get exactly what you want from a Tantric massage. This is why we dedicate a small amount of time at the beginning of your session to chat to your masseuse about your desires – they’ll then be able to mould the massage to make it personal to you.

Do make sure it’s in your price range

Here in London, you’re guaranteed to find a Tantric massage which suits your budget. While it might be tempting to opt for an ultra-cheap Tantric massage, please don’t. This often results in being massaged by an unlicensed sex worker in a dingy location. Not only will the massage not be enjoyable, but the aftermath risk factors make it not worth it in the slightest. Here at Happy Massage we are delighted to offer clients a luxurious, professional and licenced Tantric service which doesn’t break the bank. Our certified therapists are available for Tantric massage with happy ending from just £120 per hour. If you’re seeking higher levels of thrill then the full service can be added on from just £40 extra. It’s important to ensure you know the price of your Tantric massage before arriving at the parlour. Most reputable massage parlours only accept cash payment only. Not turning up with the correct amount of money will likely be a little embarrassing, not what you need when in the company of a gorgeous masseuse.

You’ve found your perfect Tantric massage

Here at Happy Massage our Tantric services are a cut above the rest and are suitable for clients who want next level thrills and those who prefer a tamer service. We offer incall and outcall Tantric massage all over Central and Greater London areas between 10am to 3am, seven days a week. If you’re ready to kick-start your teasing and tantalising Tantric journey then call us to arrange your appointment today

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