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The science why Swedish massage is the best massage EVER

If you’re looking for utter relaxation you cannot beat a Swedish massage. The slow, soft and soothing bodywork, which originates from in Berlin, is hailed as the most popular bodywork within western culture. Science has recently proved there to be SO many more reasons to seek Swedish massage which go beyond being relaxing and unwinding. Allow us to explain!

Let’s start off sleep…

Are you an individual who struggles to catch their zzzs at night or are sleeping FAR too much? Well, the good news for you is that Swedish massage can be the key to regulating your sleeping pattern. Doctors believe that seven to nine hours of snoozing is a healthy amount and Swedish massage helps to achieve this. By performing long effleurage and petrissage strokes onto your skin, Swedish massage therapists help to boost the amount of Serotonin within your body. The more Serotonin we have, the more regular our sleeping pattern will become – ultimately relieving symptoms of insomnia and chronic fatigue syndrome. If you’re thinking about consulting Swedish massage therapy for sleeping troubles then we advise booking a session within the evening time, when activities such as working, exercise or walking the dog will already be carried out and won’t erase the benefits of the session.

Aches and pains

If you’re a victim of a bad back, migraines or arthritis the chances are you’ve tried every painkiller under the sun to try and relieve painful symptoms. However, we advise you to the stop and try Swedish massage as an alternative and natural treatment instead. By the therapists using their delicate soft hands to glide over your body, a rush of endorphins is triggered. Many scientists understand endorphins to be the ‘body’s natural painkiller’ as when unleashed they immediately block the pain signals before they reach the central nervous system – ultimately giving the sufferer gloriously rewarding relief. So what evidence supports this?

Well, a 2002 study investigated the effect of massage therapy on victims of chronic headaches. During the study, the participants received Swedish strokes directed towards the neck and shoulder muscles with headache frequency, duration of pain and the intensity being recorded throughout. It found that headache frequency was reductive massively during the first week of the therapy, with reductions continuing as the study progressed. For most participants the headaches duration was also decreased. (Source: )

So to summarise, the more Swedish massage therapy sessions you opt for the more your aches and pains will be eliminated.

Prevents you from getting sick

Its winter and the chances of getting bogged down with the common cold and flu is rife. However, instead of having no choice but to take sick days and being cooked up on the sofa coughing and spluttering opt for a Swedish massage instead. Swedish massage works wonders by strengthening your immune system – with this working in two ways. First of all, the long and delicate strokes used in Swedish therapy boosts the amount of white blood cells within the body. The more white blood cells you have, the stronger your immune system usually is – ultimately preventing you from getting sick. And number two, by massaging your skin the Swedish massage therapist is able to regulate the blood circulation and replenish fresh oxygen to the body’s organs – this also helps to boost your immune system’s functions. If you’re someone who gets ill an awful lot, it’s worth considering Swedish massage therapy.

Let’s talk stress!

For decades, we have understood Swedish massage to be amazing for stress relief. But what’s the science behind this? Well, when we are stressed the stress hormone cortisol becomes trapped within our muscles – ultimately building up muscle unwanted tension and pain. However, by using petrissage techniques the therapist is able to knead out the muscle knots and erase the cortisol, ultimately providing rewarding stress relief. Massage can also emotionally and mentally eliminate stress too, by boosting the ‘feel good’ hormone oxytocin. As well as stress relief, oxytocin also encourages positive feelings, increases concentration and uplifts motivation.

Swedish massage is brimming with benefits and is regarded by many as an essential part of health maintenance. Why not books yours in today with a Happy Massage?

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