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The 20 stages of getting a body to body massage


We all know how relaxing a massage therapy is. Soft candle-lit room, ambient music and your most stubborn muscle knots being smoothed out? Absolute bliss. What if you’ve been feeling a little frustrated lately? Maybe one of these erotic body to body massages that are always advertised on the side banners of the webpages will sort you out.

Here are 20 stages of getting a body to body massage. If you’re no stranger to a body to body massage, then you’ll know these stages off the back of your hand. But if this is your first body to body massage, then prepare for relaxation and pleasure in 3, 2, 1…

1. You’ve booked a massage! Yippee!

2. You’ve been SO frustrated lately, but all that is about to change very soon.

3. You breeze into the parlour, ready and willing.

4. You’re led to the massage room and mentally prepare yourself for your masseuse.

5. Whoa, the masseuse is hot.

6. The masseuse leaves you to get undressed and you try and calm yourself down before she comes back. Sweaty palms are not cool.

7. You’re supposed to get completely naked, right?

8. The masseuse is back and smiles at you. You’re nearly knocked off your feet. God, she’s hot.

9. You lie on your tummy and the masseuse starts stroking down your back.

10. Are you aroused already??

11. The massage oil feels so cold and tickly.

12. Oh my god it’s time to turn over.

13. Yep, you’re definitely turned on.

14. Why is she avoiding my banana on purpose?


16. My god, this feels good.

17. Oh no why are you stopping?

18. That’s more like it.


20. I am very happy.

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Once you know how the process of receiving the body to body massage looks, why don’t you book your body to body massage in London now!

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