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Cure your Prostatitis with Prostate massage

Located between the bladder and rectum, the prostate is the male, walnut-shaped reproductive organ. Surrounding the uretha, close to the connection between the bladder and uretha, the prostate is easily accessible through the anus. The prostate is an important part of the male anatomy and plays an important role in producing prostatic fluid- the main component of semen. When men ejaculate, sperm mixes with fluid that is secreted by important vesicles, the prostate and the bulbourethral glands. This is the process that creates semen. Therefore, without the prostate and its key role in this process, semen cannot function efficiently, and male fertility is compromised.

The whole body is prone to illness, and the prostate is no different. It is susceptible to inflammation and malfunctioning, which is why it is imperative to keep a health prostate. This in itself can prevent or cure a common and potentially damaging illness of the prostate- prostatitis. One of the main forms of treatments, administered by either doctors or masseuses, is prostate massage.

What is prostatitis?

Prostatitis is a urinary tract infection in the prostate that can affect any man of any age. Statistics have shown that this illness affects around 15% of men in the UK- all of whom experience either mild or severe symptoms at some point in their lives. Some of the common symptoms of prostatitis are:

– Blood in the urine
– Painful ejaculation
– A high fever
– The feeling of needing to urinate more frequently
– Erectile dysfunction
– Pain between the anus and the scrotum
– Pain in the muscles
– Back pains
– Painful urination
– Weak flow whilst urinating

What causes prostatitis?

There are many causes for prostatitis, but the prostate gland usually becomes inflamed due to bacterial or nonbacterial organisms. Similarly, it can also be as a result of a response from the immune system after some kind of damage. Whilst some symptoms and inflammation can last for only a couple of days, it can become a severe and chronic issue if left untreated. Whilst many doctors may subscribe antibiotics and muscle relaxants, they’re not always 100% successful in banishing symptoms. This is why prostate massage is often recommended.

What is a prostate massage?

Prostate massage can be administered for both medical reasons or for pleasure. It involves gentle stimulation of the prostate gland, which can feel amazing, but it actually intended to release blocked ducts and to ease pain and pressure. Masseuses wear gloves for the massage, and apply lubricant to the rectum when inserting a finger gently and slowly until they are able to locate the prostate. They will continue to rub, stroke and massage the walnut-sized gland which will encourage it to excrete damaging fluids. Although prostate massage can be uncomfortable at first, especially when the gland is swollen, it is known to be the key destination for male pleasure. Often described as the ‘male G-spot’, the prostate is a small ball of senses, and can therefore create mind-blowing sensations when massaged and stimulated.

Prostate massage for pleasure

Whilst we have focused mainly on the medical benefits of prostate massage, they can be explored for other reasons. As mentioned previously, the prostate is incredibly sensitive, and sends the senses wild when stimulated. Prostate massages are healthy, and are a great way to maintain a health prostate, but they can also minimise stress, lower anxiety, help tackle depression and improve the function of vital organs in the body. Unbeknown to most, physical pleasure and orgasms create a wave of positive effects on the body, and studies have actually shown that people with a more active sex life, live longer.

What are the benefits?

– They prevent the build-up of prostatic fluid
– They reduce inflammation
– They can reduce sexual impotence
– They ease the pain of urination
– They heighten sexual pleasure
– They improve prostate health
– They create pleasure
– They leave men feeling satisfied and relaxed

What are the risks?

– Bleeding of the prostate
– Risk of infection
– Haemorrhoids
– The spread of prostate cancer if already present
– Damaged rectal lining
– Pain and discomfort
– Worsened prostatitis symptoms

When it comes to the body, there are risks in everything we do- but we can’t let this stop us from exploring potentially amazing new horizons. If prostatitis is ruining your life or causing you pain on a daily basis, give prostate massage a go. However, if you have any existing prostate-related illnesses, always speak to your GP before you book into the session. This will minimise the risks and your chance of damaging your body.

So, if you think prostate massage could help you, or you’d just like to experience the ultimate pleasure, follow the link below and book in with a sexy Asian masseuse at a time that suits you!

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