Why We Love Nuru

Finally, the winter is finally coming to an end and the first signs of Spring are truly on their way. The sun is out and everyone is in a happier mood, and what better way to celebrate than by having a Nuru massage?

I talked with some of our customers who swear by Nuru massages and have gave us some feedback on why they love and enjoy this unique massage style so much –

Philip, 36

“Nuru massage therapy is one of those erotic massage styles that allow you to experience the true taste of Asia. Originating in Japan, this amazing massage uses special nuru gel made from Nori seaweed to allow the masseuse to slip and slide all over your naked body easily. Luckily whenever I go to my local massage parlour for this service I am always delighted that a genuine Japanese masseuse performs it. Not only does the massage therapist know how to perform a nuru massage to perfection, it also makes it feel a lot more authentic. The thing i love the most about a nuru massage is the close body to body contact between the masseuse and I. The nuru gel allows her naked body to slide over mine easily, which is really arousing. I usually get the nuru massage with the added addition of a happy ending massage which always allow me to have that extra bit of relief that I need. He Nuru massage transports you from London into a world of relaxation in the alps of Japan! It is quite the experience.”

Gareth, 24

“Being a young professional, I get to travel around quite a lot as a perk of my job. Last year I spent some time in Tokyo where I enjoyed the local cuisine, music, art and night life. You can say I fully immersed myself in Japanese culture, if you get what I mean. When I came to back to London I couldn’t stop thinking about the incredible and life changing Nuru massage I had in one of the massage parlours. I was very sceptical that I would find a massage parlour in central London that would be able to give me the same experience to such a high standard, but I was willing to give it a go. Luckily I found an authentic Asian massage parlour in Marylebone that had genuine Japanese girls who performed Nuru massage therapy and it was just as good, if not better, than my experience in Japan. The masseuse used real Nori seaweed Nuru gel and used the same methods as the masseuse in Japan did. She knew exactly what she was doing and seemed to understand the true meaning of Nuru massage. She made me feel extremely relaxed yet highly aroused at the same time. I had a soapy shower massage afterward which she assisted me with and it was very passionate and refreshing. I was extremely happy with my Nuru massage experienced and recommended it to my work colleagues who also had one while we in Tokyo on business and they were all just as pleased with it as I was.”

Tobias, 41

“Nuru massage therapy is the only massage that can make me feel completely Zen, relaxed and satisfied. The close contact between the masseuse and client is very intimate which something I enjoy is very much in an erotic massage. A Nuru massage is never boring and always brings a sense of thrill and excitement with it. I always pick the same Japanese masseuse to perform my massage and she does it perfectly. She applies the thick, cool gel all over my skin and uses her naked body to slip and slide all of her curves across my body, paying attention to sensitive areas such as my penis and inner thighs. I highly enjoy this service and always get it when I am feeling stressed or anxious about anything in life. It is soothing and arousing all at the same time, helping me to relieve lots of things in many different ways.”

We are based in central London and are open 10am until 3am daily, providing you with not only Nuru massage therapy but a long list of exciting erotic massages. We provide both incall and outcall services and you can choose any masseuse you want for your session!

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All I want for Christmas is… Nuru!

Christmas, for many, is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. London has a certain buzz about it and it is hard not to have good cheer. The streets are lit up by beautiful lights, Christmas trees are scattered across the city and families, friends and lovers walk hand in hand around the lovely Christmas markets. It is a lovely time to come together and remember all the things that you should be grateful for.

However, I know that the festive season can also be a very lonely time for many people. In particular, if you are newly single or do not have a partner, you can feel a little left out from all the Christmas cuteness.

Luckily for you, we now offer a special deal on our Nuru massage which is running from the 1st December all the way until New Years. Forget Mariah Carey’s famous lyrics, you will be singing “All I want for Christmas is Nuru!”

What is a Nuru massage?

A Nuru massage is a special type of massage therapy that originated in Japan but has become increasingly popular in the Western world over the last few decades. The masseuse will use thick, cool gel and apply it over your naked body with hers. In a full body to body styled movement, she will massage your entire body while slipping and sliding all over you. It is a very arousing massage style and before you know it you will certainly be climaxing.

What is Nuru gel?

Nuru gel is made predominantly from Nori seaweed. It is thick, clear and odourless and is extremely slippery. Once both parties are naked, the masseuse will use it to please and pleasure your body to the highest of levels.

Why is a Nuru massage better than other massage styles?

Many people enjoy Nuru massages more than other massage styles due to its closeness and intimacy. The masseuse and the client have very close contact with one another which allows them to feel every curve and inch of each other’s bodies. The nuru gel also relieves a lot more sensations and it is overall a lot more arousing.

Where is a Nuru massage performed?

A Nuru massage is performed on a special, blow-up Nuru bed as this allows a lot more room and freedom for movement. IN some cases you can use a normal bed, however blow-up beds are recommended.

I talked with three different men about their experience with Nuru massage during the festive season and got some feedback from them regarding this special service;

Tim, 26, London– “Christmas can always be quite a lonely time, especially when you do not have that special someone to go on cute Christmas dates with or sit by the fire a drink mulled wine with. To be honest, I chose to be single as a I travel a lot with my job and I need to prioritise that. However, of course, a little companionship is really nice at times. I got a Nuru massage in the Marylebone massage parlour with a lovely masseuse called Mia who was very kind and friendly. She gave me a mince pie and some hot chocolate and then she performed the massage. It was highly intimate and it was nice having that close contact with a female. It definitely helped me to overcome my winter blues. I highly recommend it!”

Nico, 24, London– I broke up with my girlfriend in September and shortly after wards I realised what a mistake I had made. However, she did not want to get back with me and that is something that I had to deal with. It is hard seeing couples walk around because it reminds me of my ex, however the Nuru massage really helped me curb my feelings of regret. It was very nice to be in the company of such a stunning lady and my skin felt so much fresher after having the nuru gel on it when I stepped out into the crisp London air afterwards. It truly was an incredible experience!

James, 38, London – Although I am technically still married, my wife left me for a younger man a few months ago and I always knew that this Christmas would be extremely difficult as it is the first time in yeas we will not be spending it with our kids and all together as a family. I visited the massage parlour in South Kensington which had welcoming Christmas lights outside of it and a wreath on the front door. The masseuses were all wearing Santa hats and I definitely got the festive vibes. The nuru massage was everything I dreamed it would be and more. It was highly arousing and enjoyable and the masseuse was so beautiful and knew exactly what she was doing.

If you are in London this Christmas and would like to have some festive fun then come visit our beautiful Asian masseuses at one of our locations. We are offering special discounts throughout the whole month of December;

  • Happy ending with Nuru – £150
  • Full service with Nuru – £190

All you need to do is contact us via email, SMS or phone call to secure your booking with the masseuse of your choice. If you would like her to wear some special clothing such as a Mrs.Claus outfit or a naughty elf costume then she can do this. The masseuses also offer outcall services to many different areas in central London!

If you are considering booking nuru massage in London, read more here.

Why a Nuru Massage is the perfect solution for your summer sweats

Although the U.K summer is pretty much non-existent, when we do get a few days of sun it means many of us get all hot and bothered because we aren’t used to it. However – I have a solution!

Why not get a Nuru massage in London?

Everyone loves a bit of fun in the sun, especially if it involves and erotic massage and a beautiful oriental woman. Our Nuru massage is an ancient Japanese service that includes naked body to body contact using a thick, cool gel. The cold gel will cool your body down while a sexy Asian lady rubs and slides all over you using her bare body, how arousing does that sound? The service is 100% authentic, with the girls peformig it being highly trained in what they do. Most of them bring their skill and trade to the U.K from their hometowns in Japan, where they practiced and mastered it, bringing their perfected service to London. Her cool body will feel like a giant ice lolly rubbing all over your body, arousing your penis in an erotic way.

The Nuru massage is sensual and sexual, and ideal if you are looking for some intimate time while enjoying the good weather. Not only does it offer physical pleasure, but it will also release all your stress and tension that you may have built up in your mind. Nobody should be unhappy in the summer heat, and a nuru massage will ensure you are at the top of your game. With an exotic Asian lady by your side and soaring hot temperatures, you will feel as if you are on a foreign holiday, and every holiday needs an itinerary, here is yours –

  • Wake up in a positive and happy mood, have a nice shower and a filling, healthy breakfast!
  • Go on to our website and pick one of our many beautiful oriental ladies that you would most enjoy a Nuru massage with.
  • Pick a time that is suitable for you and book an appointment at one of our central London locations.
  • Arrive at the locations in clean and suitable manner, prepared for your massage
  • Get naked and enjoy your sensual Nuru massage!
  • Afterwards, why not try our cool soapy shower service to cool down even more and freshen up before you go out in the sun again.

I can guarantee that our nuru service will help you get through the heat and make you feel 100% refreshed not only physically but also mentally. It will leave you feeling satisfied and give you that extra bit of energy you need when the heat of the hot summer sun begins to exhaust you. It will give you that summer break that you have long anticipated throughout the winter months, and help you escape reality and enter into a euphoric state of relaxation and pleasure.

If it’s a very hot day outside, don’t hesitate to book a nuru massage in London and experience all the massage benefits listed above. Visit our nuru massage London page for more details

The world’s unsexiest fetishes

Sexual desire is a weird thing. It’s unique to everyone, and some people have stranger tastes than others. Well-known fetishes for feet, bondage, and roleplay are practically mainstream, but no-one is unshockable. The strangest fetishes involve things no one in their right mind would ever think of as sexy, right?


For most people, balloons are irritating party decorations, mostly used to provide kids with something to kick around that won’t break any windows. For some people, they’re sexy. Balloon fetishists or ‘looners’ get off on rubbing and popping balloons. Apparently they like the tension and release when they pop. Personally, it just makes me jump.


Keeping with the kid’s party theme, there are a surprising amount of people who get turned on by clowns. Most people are freaked out by clowns. But not everyone. Some people find the anonymity of makeup and the crazy, colourful clown aesthetic a turn-on. Just as long as they don’t start luring people into sewers.

Animal Costumes

Ever looked at a sports mascot dressed as a tiger or dolphin and thought “phwoar!” Then you might just be a furry! Furries adopt ‘fursonas’ and dress up as anthropomorphised cartoonish animals. Weirdest of all is that it’s not just some underground fetish, it’s a massive phenomenon with conventions, forums, and websites selling fursuits. Some people don’t even get turned on by it, they just enjoy it, which begs even more questions than if it was just a sex thing.


Many people have experimented with chocolate body paint or whipped cream in the bedroom, but for some people fun with food doesn’t stop there. Food in the bedroom, known as ‘sploshing’ is a pretty messy and less appealing practice. Ever wanted to be covered in beans or mashed potatoes? Be warned, sploshing requires a lot of plastic sheets!


Object fetishists form connections to inanimate objects. From household items, to cars and motorbikes, to landmarks and fairground rides. There is a woman who is ‘married’ to the Eiffel tower. No really. People have sex with object and even have ‘romantic relationships’ with them.


Ecosexuals are part hippy treehuggers part naturist fetishists. They believe that their sexual connection to the earth and nature will help save it. I mean, it might? Ecosexuals even perform marriage rituals, marrying particular rivers, cliffs, and mountains. Talk about getting your rocks off, amirite?


Tentacles? Yeah, tentacles. Ever got hot and bothered while eating calamari? A lot of people fantasise about sex with tentacle beings, and there are huge amounts of erotic art and animation dedicated to it.

Adult babies

For some people, it’s a sexual turn-on, for others, it’s a comforting activity which allows you to regress to childhood and be looked after. For the rest of us, it’s just really, really weird.

Or if you are into slidy fun, try nuru massage in London. This special massage lets a naked masseuses slide all over your nude body. And of course, nuru massage end with an explosive happy ending. Visit nuru massage London page for more details.

Nuru massage is perfect for winter and here’s why

When it’s cold outside, people automatically think to put a jacket, sweater or hat and gloves on. Hot drinks and soups are popular too. Anything to warm you up! One thing that people seldom tend to think of is to get a massage. Massage can be very effective in warming the body up when it’s cold because the motions work to improve blood circulation. When you pick an erotic style of massage, things can get even steamier – and not in a temperature sort of way. A nuru massage is the ideal winter treat and here’s why.

Nuru massage is a special erotic style of massage that originated from Japan. When prostitution became illegal, the Japanese sex workers adapted by selling erotic massages and baths instead. The nuru massage, also known as the ‘body slide massage’, was born from this. Similar to a body to body massage, nuru therapists use their bodies to massage the clients. Pressing their naked bodies and using a mixture of slides, grinds and undulations is typical of a nuru massage. Unlike a body to body massage which uses oils and lotions, nuru massage uses a special seaweed-based gel. This gel is clear, odourless, tasteless and very, very slippery. Initially, it’s very thick and can be held up like a clear sheet of jelly. When it’s been mixed with warm water, the gel becomes much less viscous but even slipperier. This makes it perfect for the body slide massage.

The nuru technique

Nuru massage is pretty much special for any occasion, but during winter, it can become especially mind-blowing. How? Well, nuru massage means that you experience full naked body contact that can be stimulating in nearly every single way. A normal massage, whether it’s standard like a classic Swedish or erotic like a tantric massage, only provides hand on body contact which isn’t as stimulating.

In contrast, a nuru or body to body massage provides total bodily and skin on skin contact. The close contact and body rubs used help to boost blood circulation more than standard massage. The masseuses can apply their full bodyweight all over the client, using the varying pressures to encourage blood to move smoothly through the vessels. When blood circulation is boosted, cells receive a more frequent supply of oxygen and nutrients, and waste products produced from the cells’ metabolic processes can be flushed more quickly. Due to their nature, a nuru or body to body massage can boost these benefits even more.

The nuru gel

The gel used is packed with nutrients from the ocean. Due to its seaweed-based ingredients, it has absorbed a lot of beneficial nutrients from the ocean. Nuru massage gel can do the skin a world of good during winter. It is hydrating, moisturising and cleansing – perfect for protecting against and reversing the effects of the harsh winter winds.

The nuru touch

During autumn and winter, people are more likely to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Also known as winter or seasonal depression, SAD affects mood. In usual cases, people who don’t normally have mood disorders exhibit depressive symptoms repetitively at the same time of the year, usually at winter. Symptoms include low mood, irritability, loss of interest in daily activities and feelings of despair. Scientists have theorised that SAD is triggered by the darker days. The lack of sunlight in winter inhibits a part of the brain, the hypothalamus, from functioning properly. This affects the production of serotonin and melatonin, which scientists believe may be linked to mood control and stabilisation.

In contrast, massage in general is known to boost endorphins, which are the body’s natural happy chemicals. Nuru massage is particularly effective at this because of its sexual nature. It may come as no surprise that sex, arousal and orgasms are known to boost mood. Have you ever lain back, staring at the ceiling in blissful relaxation, after an orgasm? That’s because arousal and orgasms cause the body to produce a mixture of feel-good hormones, including oxytocin and prolactin. These hormones work in harmony with each other to promote feelings of relaxation, contentment and stabilises mood. That’s why an orgasm and arousal feel so good. Nuru massage uses erotic techniques that are guaranteed to arouse and satisfy you. As well as this, it involves body to body contact. Touch has been proven to soothe nerves and comfort people. A nuru massage is all about bare skin on skin touch so you can expect your jangled nerves to be soothed.

Where can I get a nuru massage in London?

If you’re interested in experiencing the wondrous benefits of a nuru massage London, we offer a personalised Asian massage service in central London. Available for incall and outcall to central and Greater London, you can take advantage of our personalised service. Craft yourself a session that caters perfectly to your needs and watch your winter blues melt away! Find out more – http://www.happy-massage.co.uk/nuru-service/