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Nuru massage is perfect for winter and here’s why

When it’s cold outside, people automatically think to put a jacket, sweater or hat and gloves on. Hot drinks and soups are popular too. Anything to warm you up! One thing that people seldom tend to think of is to get a massage. Massage can be very effective in warming the body up when it’s cold because the motions work to improve blood circulation. When you pick an erotic style of massage, things can get even steamier – and not in a temperature sort of way. A nuru massage is the ideal winter treat and here’s why.

Nuru massage is a special erotic style of massage that originated from Japan. When prostitution became illegal, the Japanese sex workers adapted by selling erotic massages and baths instead. The nuru massage, also known as the ‘body slide massage’, was born from this. Similar to a body to body massage, nuru therapists use their bodies to massage the clients. Pressing their naked bodies and using a mixture of slides, grinds and undulations is typical of a nuru massage. Unlike a body to body massage which uses oils and lotions, nuru massage uses a special seaweed-based gel. This gel is clear, odourless, tasteless and very, very slippery. Initially, it’s very thick and can be held up like a clear sheet of jelly. When it’s been mixed with warm water, the gel becomes much less viscous but even slipperier. This makes it perfect for the body slide massage.

The nuru technique

Nuru massage is pretty much special for any occasion, but during winter, it can become especially mind-blowing. How? Well, nuru massage means that you experience full naked body contact that can be stimulating in nearly every single way. A normal massage, whether it’s standard like a classic Swedish or erotic like a tantric massage, only provides hand on body contact which isn’t as stimulating.

In contrast, a nuru or body to body massage provides total bodily and skin on skin contact. The close contact and body rubs used help to boost blood circulation more than standard massage. The masseuses can apply their full bodyweight all over the client, using the varying pressures to encourage blood to move smoothly through the vessels. When blood circulation is boosted, cells receive a more frequent supply of oxygen and nutrients, and waste products produced from the cells’ metabolic processes can be flushed more quickly. Due to their nature, a nuru or body to body massage can boost these benefits even more.

The nuru gel

The gel used is packed with nutrients from the ocean. Due to its seaweed-based ingredients, it has absorbed a lot of beneficial nutrients from the ocean. Nuru massage gel can do the skin a world of good during winter. It is hydrating, moisturising and cleansing – perfect for protecting against and reversing the effects of the harsh winter winds.

The nuru touch

During autumn and winter, people are more likely to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Also known as winter or seasonal depression, SAD affects mood. In usual cases, people who don’t normally have mood disorders exhibit depressive symptoms repetitively at the same time of the year, usually at winter. Symptoms include low mood, irritability, loss of interest in daily activities and feelings of despair. Scientists have theorised that SAD is triggered by the darker days. The lack of sunlight in winter inhibits a part of the brain, the hypothalamus, from functioning properly. This affects the production of serotonin and melatonin, which scientists believe may be linked to mood control and stabilisation.

In contrast, massage in general is known to boost endorphins, which are the body’s natural happy chemicals. Nuru massage is particularly effective at this because of its sexual nature. It may come as no surprise that sex, arousal and orgasms are known to boost mood. Have you ever lain back, staring at the ceiling in blissful relaxation, after an orgasm? That’s because arousal and orgasms cause the body to produce a mixture of feel-good hormones, including oxytocin and prolactin. These hormones work in harmony with each other to promote feelings of relaxation, contentment and stabilises mood. That’s why an orgasm and arousal feel so good. Nuru massage uses erotic techniques that are guaranteed to arouse and satisfy you. As well as this, it involves body to body contact. Touch has been proven to soothe nerves and comfort people. A nuru massage is all about bare skin on skin touch so you can expect your jangled nerves to be soothed.

Where can I get a nuru massage in London?

If you’re interested in experiencing the wondrous benefits of a nuru massage London, we offer a personalised Asian massage service in central London. Available for incall and outcall to central and Greater London, you can take advantage of our personalised service. Craft yourself a session that caters perfectly to your needs and watch your winter blues melt away! Find out more –

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