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Tantric Massage: The New Approach to Anger Management

Tantric massage to help anger management

When was the last time you got really angry? By that, I mean angry to the point where you saw red, you could feel the bubbles of fury brewing and threatening to spill over and were on the edge of exploding into a spectacle of rage? The kind of anger that makes you want to flip a table, punch a wall and scream on top of an isolated hill while roaring winds whip through your hair? If you’ve felt anger like this before, you might think it’s time to try anger management. But if you don’t really fancy counselling, breathing deeply and counting to ten, maybe you should consider trying a tantric massage.

What is a tantric massage?

A tantric massage is a blend of meditation, massage therapy and pleasure that is designed to tap into your sub-conscious and help you work through the anger. A tantra-trained masseuse will use a series of special movements and massage techniques. The aim is to spread energy throughout the body and redirect the anger towards a pleasurable sexual release rather than an explosive, rage-filled fit.

So how does a tantra massage help?

Tantric therapists believe that negative moods such as stress and anger are triggered when energy becomes blocked in the body. Also known as Qi, the energy is meant to reach every part of the body and keep the person energised. When it’s blocked or builds up in one area, you are more likely to experience stress, anger or illness. Tantric massages harnesses the power of pleasure to force energy to spread throughout the body. It uses sensual massage techniques to create arousal, meditation and breathing rituals to maintain self-control. When you prolong pleasure and delay orgasm, the energy is more likely to fully spread throughout the body and any blocked energies will be blasted from the body. As a result, you have a stronger, more intensely pleasurable orgasm which leaves you feeling totally satisfied and relieved.

A tantric massage is also one of the slowest and most intense of Asian massage therapies. It uses very drawn-out, almost teasing movements. It can be quite erotic as well. It’s often performed naked and the masseuse usually massages the whole body – including the intimate, sexual areas. She will use a variety of pressures and speeds. She may gently stroke and caress, then switch to deep rubbing and fast stroking. The variety will keep the mind and body at the edge of orgasm. This edging means a prolonged state of arousal and build-up of energy.

This slow process means that every drop of blocked energy can be released from where they’ve been segregating and spread more efficiently through the body. This also means tension and anxiety can be soothed in a very pleasurable way because orgasms are a physical manifestation of stress. Have you ever noticed that after an orgasm, you feel very relaxed and relieved? Maybe you even feel sleepy. That’s because orgasms stimulate the release of feel-good hormones such as oxytocin, prolactin and dopamine that work to promote a relaxed, stable state of mind. However, orgasms also mean energy loss so tantric massage teaches the body and trains the mind to release the stress and anger, but hold onto the energy. When you orgasm the tantric way, you don’t just ejaculate. You experience a spiritual shift.

Is it long-lasting?

the effects of tantric massage can last a long time

Because of its links to meditation and breathing rituals, tantric massage is a great way to tackle anger management. It’s normal to experience anger and rage, but constantly getting wound up can have detrimental effects on health – for example, it increases blood pressure and causes stress. A tantric massage is so pleasurable that it tackles this anger, distracting the mind and relaxing the person. The sensations really dig into the body, metaphorically as well as literally, and work to collect and release tension. The orgasm will blast through your body, affecting you from head to toe and ensuring even the most deeply rooted pockets of stress and anger are wiped from the body in one sweep.

Can this massage prevent anger?

Anger is a natural reaction, so it’s not possible to prevent it. Even Buddhists monks, who are arguably some of the most tranquil people, may experience annoyance. However, tantric massage can help to deal with anger. You may still experience slight anger or become annoyed, but it may help you manage those rushes of rage and stop you from flying off the handle.

Where can I get a tantric massage?

There are many places / parlours and masssage therapists that offer a tantra style massage throughout the world so the best bet is just to “google it” and find a highly reviewed and reccomended supplier near you. If you are in the UK and live in or are visiting London then you can try our premium tantric massage service to help combat your anger. Prices start from £120 an hour and we have a selection of authentic Asian masseuses who are all highly trained in a variety of oriental massages – from tantric to erotic and nuru. To book, head over to our main website and pick a masseuses you want to book and simply drop us a booking contact through the form or pick up the phone!

You can also find out more information on our dedicated tantric massage page here

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