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Why you should get an erotic massage before a long flight

When you think of relaxation, you might picture yourself lying on a white sand beach, a novel in your lap and a tall cocktail or beer sweating in your hand. Or maybe you’re staying in a rustic log cabin for the weekend, looking out on a picturesque mountaintop. Whatever your dream location may be, in order to get to it, you’ll have to leave the country because let’s face it – England is a pretty dreary place with no mountains or white sand beaches. And we all know that the best places to truly get away are only accessible by plane. But alas! Airports are a stressful place and planes are no better, despite being the gateway to the peaceful havens you’re craving.

When you arrive at the airport, you might be faced with packs of bumbling tourists and angry parents dragging their crying children. While you’re waiting for the queues to die down and the tantrums to fade out, you might feel your own tensions rising. And let’s not forget actually sitting on the plane. Unless you’re privileged enough to afford business or first class, you’ll be squished into a tiny seat in economy and subject to the plastic airplane food. So what can you do to make the journey a little more bearable?

Massage therapy is known to be one of the best ways to relieve stress. Massage is the stress-relieving go-to for many of the rich and famous. Scientists have deduced that the combination of soft strokes, skin-to-skin contact and the scented oils reduce levels of stress, physically and mentally. Certain oils such as lavender, patchouli and ylang ylang are particularly renowned for the soothing benefits they have on the mind. The actual techniques used in a massage work to ease knots and tension out of the muscle fibres. When you’re stressed, you subconsciously tense your muscles which lead to aches and tenderness. A pre-flight massage can undo all of that.

A pre-flight massage is an ideal way to unwind, relax and ease some of the stress and nerves that you’ve built up before your trip. It can help you shift into a truly relaxed mind-set – ready for your holiday.

Normally, most people would opt for a full body Swedish or deep tissue massage. Some might even decide to get a specialised massage, which focuses on certain areas that are known to collect tension and have sluggish blood circulation such as the neck, back or feet. If you’re looking to really kickback and ensure that you have a truly relaxed journey, you should think about trying an erotic massage.

Now hold up. Before you start making any assumptions, an erotic massage isn’t necessarily the salacious thing that sleazy businessmen and non-committal males turn to when they’re craving a woman’s touch. An erotic massage is about so much more than that. Contrary to popular belief, an erotic massage is about more than pleasure. Although the happy ending, which is a well-known euphemism for an orgasm, often plays a central role in an erotic massage, the orgasmic release isn’t actually the goal. An orgasm is just a welcome side effect. Instead, the release of inhibitions and stresses is the goal.

When you experience pleasure, a part of your brain lights up and you associate the act that’s responsible for the pleasure with happiness. And we all know that happiness is pretty much the opposite of stress. Do we even know anyone who is happy and stressed at the same time? Exactly. As for an orgasm, have you ever noticed that after you have one, you feel content, satisfied and blissfully relaxed? That’s due to the cocktail of endorphins and feel-good hormones that are released during the orgasm. These hormones flood your bloodstream, sending signals to your brain to stabilise mood, promote relaxation and reduce levels of the stress hormone. What better way to de-stress than to have a happy ending massage before a long-haul flight in economy?

There are other reasons why erotic massages are ideal before a flight. Massage helps to promote blood circulation and kick-start your body’s natural detoxing abilities. Various professionals might advise that you avoid caffeine and alcohol 24 hours before your flight, but detoxing and staying hydrated is extremely important as well. A massage uses techniques that push your blood around your body, which boosts the nutrients getting into your cells and promotes the removal of waste products leaving them. An erotic massage is even more effective with this as the masseuse can stimulate every part of your body, sexual as well as non-sexual. And we all know that sexual arousal causes blood rushes.

So the bottom line is, massage therapy is probably one of the best ways to de-stress before a flight. An erotic massage can leave you even more blissfully relaxed. If you’re interested in a happy ending, we offer outcall service to most areas in central and Greater London, including Heathrow Airport. From just £160 an hour, you can breeze through airport security with a genuine smile on your face. More information about Outcall Massage London is here –

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