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Five reasons why you need a happy ending massage before you fly

It’s a treat to start off your trip

First of all, whether you’re going away on business or leaving the country for pleasure you NEED to book a massage beforehand. Forget a pre-flight pint or a browse around the endless duty free, this is the ultimate treat before flying on a big bird. Outcall one of our gorgeous Asian masseuses to the comfort of your hotel and your work is done. Watch as they strip out of their raunchiest underwear as you feast your hungry eyes all over her naked body. Your spine will probably be tingling with excitement, but this is just the starter of this delicious banquet. Allow her to guide you to the bed to give you the raciest rubdown of your life. Your mind will be blown with more than just happy ending! At Happy Massage we have oriental goddesses who can fulfil every one of your wildest fantasies – whether you want a sweet and innocent pocket rocket or a boobilicious beauty with a booty to rival Kim Kardashian’s, we have it covered. Sure, the whole experience is bound to feel like Christmas, but this is just a pre-treat to begin your exotic trip!

It can melt all your pre-flight stresses away

We all know airports and aeroplanes to be stressful experiences, kids running around in every direction, the endless announcements over the speaker and not to mention the never ending queue for the toilets. You might escape to the exclusive lounge to indulge yourself in champagne on tap and a cuisine fit for a king to help de-stress before your flight, but why only start the unwinding process there? Massage is super effective for helping you de-stress, but with a happy ending massage the benefits are even more enhanced. You may be used to the super-soothing strokes of a classic massage, but with one of our stunning sirens NOTHING is off limits. Meaning they can release the tension which has built in your most intimate areas. Moan and groan with a euphoria of pleasure as she arouses you to the most blissful happy ending, if that isn’t enough to release all your pre-flight stress then I don’t know what is!

It can help you sleep

Let’s face it, if you’re going on a business trip to China or an exotic holiday to Hawaii you’re going to be bored on the plane, so what better way to ease the boredom than sleeping. Ok, sometimes it’s easier said than done to sleep on the flight, but a happy ending massage can help! The soothing strokes of a massage is enough to absorb your body and mind into a sweet state of serenity, enough to melt all your worries away and relax literally every one of your muscles – perfect if you’re wanting to catch some extra zzzzz’s! If you want a slow and soothing or a raunchy and heart-racing massage we have girls to fit the bill! Watch as she takes you to the horniest state you’ve ever been in as she teases up and down your lingam while you moan and groan with break-taking pleasure!.A massage with one of our Asian beauties is bound to be the most enjoyable workout of your life. You’re guaranteed to need more than a lie down after and what better way to chill than flying to a different country? If you’re not sleeping like a baby after one of our happy ending massages then there must be something wrong with you!

It can ease plane seat back pain

Reluctant to fly because you know just how sore your back is going to be after enduring hideous plane seating? Well don’t suffer in silence and prepare with a happy ending massage beforehand. Experts suggest individuals are more likely to have worsened lower back pain if they don’t give their body the TLC it needs (I.E having a massage!) The tantalising powerful strokes of one of our highly-trained therapist works out all of the muscle knots developing in your back before they get worse on the plane! Your body is guaranteed to have a new lease of life as you arrive in the country pain-free. Who said flying is a chore?

Boosts your immune system

Ok, getting post-flight sickness is a thing and is enough to put some people from flying. Illness occurs as subjecting yourself to airplane air-conditioning for copious hours riddles yourself with other peoples germs from the air being re-circulated. However, you can beat getting ill with a happy ending massage. Soothing massage strokes enhance the quality of the blood and oxygen flow as well as increasing the white blood cell count, which helps to eliminate waste products. All these factors is what boosts your immune system AND I bet you didn’t know regular orgasms can also stop you from getting sick? So, if you really want to stop yourself from getting ill at the beginning of your trip then look no further than a happy ending massage!

So what are you waiting for? It’s a no brainer to book a happy ending massage before you fly! Outcall one of our Asian sensual sirens to the comfort of your own home or hotel to start your trip with a bang (Literally!) There really is no better way to kick-start your getaway!

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