Nine penis facts you probably didn’t know

Penises – our pride and joy and usually the most enjoyable part of our body. Despite how much we value our manhood, there’s a lot we don’t know about willies around the world. So here are some penis facts from the weird, the wonderful to the downright whacky!

Thought you had a big penis?

Of course, the first thing you’ll want to know is the world record for the world’s largest penis, and trust us, we have the facts! A man from New York measured in at a staggering 13.5 inches long. To give you some perspective that is longer than a 30cm ruler and is one 15th the size of a giraffe! Long eh?

And for the smallest?

Mike Carson, from Miami holds the title for world’s littlest fully functioning willy at a jaw-dropping 1/16th of an inch. Carson told Empire news: “For a long time, I was very embarrassed by my penis, but now, I pretty much just go with it,” He added: “I’m 29 now, and I’ve had girls come up to me and say they ‘just have to try it out,’ so I can’t even tell you how many women I’ve been with because of it.” Go on, son!

Is your penis normal?

The world’s average size for an erect penis comes in 5.16 inches, while most women hoping to find a partner who are 6.3 inches. Men of The Republic of Congo hold the title for having the biggest penises at just over seven inches. No need to be jealous guys!

Multiple erections can happen during your sleep!

Many men can have up to three to five erections during one night’s sleep and can be stimulated by their mood, dreams and room temperature. That’s most men spending up to four hours a night with an erect willy. Blimey guys!

Erections aren’t just for adults!

Studies have proven foetuses in the womb can get erections and have since been detected by ultrasounds. They start early, eh?!

And corpses can get erections too!

An erection after death is a thing and is often referred to as angel lust. Though it’s not understood why angel lust happens, there is a correlation with corpses and erections when blood vessels are majorly damaged.

Some men have more than one willy

Though very rare, some men are born with two penises! The condition is called diphallia and happens to one in 5.5 million Americans, with scientists unable to pin point the exact cause. The functionality of the penises entirely depends on the individual. Some are fully working and normal sized, while others are malformed and struggle to ejaculate and urinate.

Men can have penis transplants!

As of 2017, three men around the world have undergone penis transplantation. The first procedure in China in 2006 resulted in the patient having his surgery reversed because he struggled to cope with the physiological trauma. But since, the other two men have been happy with their fully functioning new penises.

And finally, some men can give themselves blowjobs!

Maybe surprisingly, one in 1000 men are flexibly able to pleasure themselves orally. Speechless? I think we’ll stop there!

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Why you should get an erotic massage before a long flight

When you think of relaxation, you might picture yourself lying on a white sand beach, a novel in your lap and a tall cocktail or beer sweating in your hand. Or maybe you’re staying in a rustic log cabin for the weekend, looking out on a picturesque mountaintop. Whatever your dream location may be, in order to get to it, you’ll have to leave the country because let’s face it – England is a pretty dreary place with no mountains or white sand beaches. And we all know that the best places to truly get away are only accessible by plane. But alas! Airports are a stressful place and planes are no better, despite being the gateway to the peaceful havens you’re craving.

When you arrive at the airport, you might be faced with packs of bumbling tourists and angry parents dragging their crying children. While you’re waiting for the queues to die down and the tantrums to fade out, you might feel your own tensions rising. And let’s not forget actually sitting on the plane. Unless you’re privileged enough to afford business or first class, you’ll be squished into a tiny seat in economy and subject to the plastic airplane food. So what can you do to make the journey a little more bearable?

Massage therapy is known to be one of the best ways to relieve stress. Massage is the stress-relieving go-to for many of the rich and famous. Scientists have deduced that the combination of soft strokes, skin-to-skin contact and the scented oils reduce levels of stress, physically and mentally. Certain oils such as lavender, patchouli and ylang ylang are particularly renowned for the soothing benefits they have on the mind. The actual techniques used in a massage work to ease knots and tension out of the muscle fibres. When you’re stressed, you subconsciously tense your muscles which lead to aches and tenderness. A pre-flight massage can undo all of that.

A pre-flight massage is an ideal way to unwind, relax and ease some of the stress and nerves that you’ve built up before your trip. It can help you shift into a truly relaxed mind-set – ready for your holiday.

Normally, most people would opt for a full body Swedish or deep tissue massage. Some might even decide to get a specialised massage, which focuses on certain areas that are known to collect tension and have sluggish blood circulation such as the neck, back or feet. If you’re looking to really kickback and ensure that you have a truly relaxed journey, you should think about trying an erotic massage.

Now hold up. Before you start making any assumptions, an erotic massage isn’t necessarily the salacious thing that sleazy businessmen and non-committal males turn to when they’re craving a woman’s touch. An erotic massage is about so much more than that. Contrary to popular belief, an erotic massage is about more than pleasure. Although the happy ending, which is a well-known euphemism for an orgasm, often plays a central role in an erotic massage, the orgasmic release isn’t actually the goal. An orgasm is just a welcome side effect. Instead, the release of inhibitions and stresses is the goal.

When you experience pleasure, a part of your brain lights up and you associate the act that’s responsible for the pleasure with happiness. And we all know that happiness is pretty much the opposite of stress. Do we even know anyone who is happy and stressed at the same time? Exactly. As for an orgasm, have you ever noticed that after you have one, you feel content, satisfied and blissfully relaxed? That’s due to the cocktail of endorphins and feel-good hormones that are released during the orgasm. These hormones flood your bloodstream, sending signals to your brain to stabilise mood, promote relaxation and reduce levels of the stress hormone. What better way to de-stress than to have a happy ending massage before a long-haul flight in economy?

There are other reasons why erotic massages are ideal before a flight. Massage helps to promote blood circulation and kick-start your body’s natural detoxing abilities. Various professionals might advise that you avoid caffeine and alcohol 24 hours before your flight, but detoxing and staying hydrated is extremely important as well. A massage uses techniques that push your blood around your body, which boosts the nutrients getting into your cells and promotes the removal of waste products leaving them. An erotic massage is even more effective with this as the masseuse can stimulate every part of your body, sexual as well as non-sexual. And we all know that sexual arousal causes blood rushes.

So the bottom line is, massage therapy is probably one of the best ways to de-stress before a flight. An erotic massage can leave you even more blissfully relaxed. If you’re interested in a happy ending, we offer outcall service to most areas in central and Greater London, including Heathrow Airport. From just £160 an hour, you can breeze through airport security with a genuine smile on your face. More information about Outcall Massage London is here –

Reasons why a four hands massage can nurse your January blues

Christmas is over, the New Year’s celebrations have come to an end, the healthy eating has started and you’ve probably returned to work staring at a computer screen in dismay. January really isn’t a good month, is it? New Year blues is a thing and is something we need to start addressing, so it’s a good job we have a solution! Ever considered a four hands massage?

What is four hands?

Four hands massage is a carefully crafted oriental style which oozes you into a seventh heaven as soon as the treatment begins. But what makes it different to popular sought massage styles? Well, the clue is in the name. Instead of one masseuse working their tantalising magic on your naked body, four hands means you’ll be sensually rubbed down with the helping hand of two. Typically, the two masseuses work in collaboration, with each individually concentrating on the left or right side of your body to perform a synchronised routine. Believe me boys – this is guaranteed to drive all your senses wild. As well as entering your body and mind into a serenity of relaxation.

Alternatively, you can request the therapists to work on specific areas depending on what you feel needs to be worked on, instead of performing the strokes in unison. For example, if you have a build-up of tension in your shoulders then one masseuse can use petrissage (kneading sensations) to unleash the stress. This is while the other therapist concentrates on a completely different area, whether this being your legs, back or somewhere more intimate if you have a taste for something deliciously daring.

Four hands massage really does captivate the essence of pleasure, but just how does it nurse your January blues?

Eases aches and pains

Aches and pains are rife in January. Whether you’ve developed a bad posture from venturing out in the cold weather, lost touch with your sleeping pattern after Christmas partying or are feeling stressed out about returning to work – you’re probably feeling achey! The good thing about four hands massage can make the pain subside. Simply specify to the therapist the areas you are troubled with, so they can pay attention to them and encourages a rush of endorphins. Endorphins have proven have similar effects to paracetamol, as they mask the pain signals from reaching the central nervous system. The beauty of four hands massage is that it isn’t limited to one problem area, meaning the masseuses can tackle aches and pains in multiple places.

Boosts your immune system

So you might have escaped the January aches, pains and colds for time being – but maybe it could become onset in the near future! The good news is that a one hour massage has proven to boost lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are white blood cells which help protect the body against disease. Even better, that with the helping hand of two masseuses, double the white blood cells are boosted – meaning you’ve got the double the chance of not becoming ill.

Gives you a better outlook to the New Year

With all the festivities over, you’re likely to feel low when embarking into the New Year. Not only does four hands massage give you something AMAZING to look forward (which will ultimately lift your mood) but it also has lasting mood effects, due to its cocktail of ‘feel good’ hormones it helps to release. By working in unison and using super soothing and sensational strokes, the therapists are able to boost serotonin and prolactin, which helps to stabilise the mood and erase any negative thoughts. Oxytocin is also released which is often nicknamed the body’s ‘love’ hormone, as stimulates intense pleasure and happiness, as well as encouraging the formation of bonds. So if you’ve been grouchy this January then a four hands massage can really help you snap out of it.

What four hands massage should I opt for?

The best thing about four hands massage is that there are a range of different styles to choose from which each nurse your January blues. Whether you fancy a subtly tame, but soothingly euphoric tantric massage or a wet ‘n’ wild nuru experience then our highly-trained therapists have it covered. It should be noted that you can also opt for the four hands full service package, which is guaranteed to fulfil all of your wildest fantasies. Who said you have to wait until Christmas to treat yourself?

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How a happy ending massage can help with IBS and constipation

It’s estimated that one in five people in the UK suffer from digestive problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and constipation. Digestive problems are very common but luckily can be fixed with a few simple lifestyle changes and pharmaceutical remedies. Some conditions such as IBS are long-term issues, often lifelong, with symptoms that can be quite uncomfortable and distressing.

Irritable bowel syndrome is a common condition that usually develops between the ages of 20 and 20. Women are more susceptible to it, with twice as many suffering it than men. IBS can cause spells of stomach cramps, bloating, diarrhoea and constipation. Symptoms can vary from person to person and some may experience it more severely than others. IBS usually comes in waves, coming and going in periods that may last as short as a few hours to a few months at a time. Going to the toilet usually relieves some of the painful symptoms.

It’s not known what causes IBS, but experts seem to think that stress and certain foods play a role in triggering it. Some people’s intestines are less efficient in digesting food and because food passes through too slowly quickly, they feel pain. The symptoms of IBS include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Flatulence
  • Feeling an urgent need to go to the toilet
  • Feeling as though you haven’t fully emptied your bowels
  • Passing mucus from your bottom
  • Lethargy (lack of energy)
  • Nausea
  • Backache
  • Bladder problems (e.g. difficulty in fully empting bladder or experiencing an urgent need to urinate)
  • Pain during sex
  • Incontinence

As for constipation, this condition is more common and more easily treated than IBS. Constipation can affect a variety of ages, from babies to adults. An estimated one in every seven adults and one in three children suffer from constipation at any one time. Like IBS, the condition affects twice as many women than men. It’s more common during pregnancy.

It’s difficult to identify the precise cause of constipation, but experts say a number of factors contribute. Not enough fibre, changes in eating habits, ignoring the urge to go to the toilet and not drinking enough fluids can cause constipation. Anxiety, depression and certain medications can also play a role.

Normal bowel habits vary from person to person. While medical experts recommend every day is normal, some may go multiple times a day while others go every other day. Everyone is different. However, if you are passing stool less frequently than you normally do or it’s become more difficult to do so, you may be constipated. The symptoms include:

  • Difficulty in passing stool
  • Feeling unable to completely empty your bowels
  • Dry, hard and/or lumpy stool
  • Abnormally large or small stool
  • Stomach ache and cramps
  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite

IBS and constipation can be treated with a few lifestyle changes. Diet plays a large role. For example, with IBS, you should try to identify the foods or drinks that seem to trigger your symptoms, and then try to avoid them. As for constipation, eating more fibre and drinking more water may help. As well as dietary changes, exercise and massage therapy are thought to help digestive issues.

For a cure that targets the symptoms of digestive problems more ‘actively’, massage therapy is a recommended treatment. There are specific massage movements and techniques that can physically ‘push’ substances through your body’s various channels. From blood and oxygen through the vessels to waste products in the intestines, massage can help boost stagnant flow of products through the body.

Massage therapy is known to improve the function of various bodily systems including the circulatory, lymphatic, immune and digestive systems. Where does the happy ending massage come in? Well, the ‘happy ending’ massage is a massage session that typically ends in an orgasmic release, whether that be by hand, mouth or something extra. While this might sound more pleasurable than therapeutic or medicinal, orgasmic releases are about more than just sex.

IBS is thought to be triggered by stress. Orgasms are basically the opposite of stress. When have you ever had an orgasm and thought about work, your troubled relationship or past? Exactly. Your mind goes gloriously blank for those precious five seconds (longer if you’re one of the lucky ones). Even after an orgasm, you lie there, blinking and staring blissfully up at the ceiling.

A happy ending massage promotes all the benefits of a normal massage, but with an additional pleasurable benefit. As previously mentioned, pleasure is the opposite to stress and a natural way of combatting it. When you experience an orgasm, your body releases a cocktail of feel-good hormones into your bloodstream. The mixture includes oxytocin, prolactin and serotonin which can improve and stabilise mood, reduce anxiety and relax the mind. Serotonin is particularly known for being the ‘happy’ hormone. It’s a key component in anti-depressants and is the body’s natural mood-enhancing chemical. As a happy ending massage promotes the release of endorphins, it’s an all-natural, medication-free way to reduce stress and anxiety.

To experience the worldly, versatile benefits of a happy ending massage, try our erotic Asian massage service! Available for incall and outcall appointments to clients in central and Greater London, the service is highly customisable. Whatever your specific needs and requirements are, our therapists will endeavour to tend to. Call or send an email to secure your booking! More information about happy ending massage London here –

Nuru massage is perfect for winter and here’s why

When it’s cold outside, people automatically think to put a jacket, sweater or hat and gloves on. Hot drinks and soups are popular too. Anything to warm you up! One thing that people seldom tend to think of is to get a massage. Massage can be very effective in warming the body up when it’s cold because the motions work to improve blood circulation. When you pick an erotic style of massage, things can get even steamier – and not in a temperature sort of way. A nuru massage is the ideal winter treat and here’s why.

Nuru massage is a special erotic style of massage that originated from Japan. When prostitution became illegal, the Japanese sex workers adapted by selling erotic massages and baths instead. The nuru massage, also known as the ‘body slide massage’, was born from this. Similar to a body to body massage, nuru therapists use their bodies to massage the clients. Pressing their naked bodies and using a mixture of slides, grinds and undulations is typical of a nuru massage. Unlike a body to body massage which uses oils and lotions, nuru massage uses a special seaweed-based gel. This gel is clear, odourless, tasteless and very, very slippery. Initially, it’s very thick and can be held up like a clear sheet of jelly. When it’s been mixed with warm water, the gel becomes much less viscous but even slipperier. This makes it perfect for the body slide massage.

The nuru technique

Nuru massage is pretty much special for any occasion, but during winter, it can become especially mind-blowing. How? Well, nuru massage means that you experience full naked body contact that can be stimulating in nearly every single way. A normal massage, whether it’s standard like a classic Swedish or erotic like a tantric massage, only provides hand on body contact which isn’t as stimulating.

In contrast, a nuru or body to body massage provides total bodily and skin on skin contact. The close contact and body rubs used help to boost blood circulation more than standard massage. The masseuses can apply their full bodyweight all over the client, using the varying pressures to encourage blood to move smoothly through the vessels. When blood circulation is boosted, cells receive a more frequent supply of oxygen and nutrients, and waste products produced from the cells’ metabolic processes can be flushed more quickly. Due to their nature, a nuru or body to body massage can boost these benefits even more.

The nuru gel

The gel used is packed with nutrients from the ocean. Due to its seaweed-based ingredients, it has absorbed a lot of beneficial nutrients from the ocean. Nuru massage gel can do the skin a world of good during winter. It is hydrating, moisturising and cleansing – perfect for protecting against and reversing the effects of the harsh winter winds.

The nuru touch

During autumn and winter, people are more likely to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Also known as winter or seasonal depression, SAD affects mood. In usual cases, people who don’t normally have mood disorders exhibit depressive symptoms repetitively at the same time of the year, usually at winter. Symptoms include low mood, irritability, loss of interest in daily activities and feelings of despair. Scientists have theorised that SAD is triggered by the darker days. The lack of sunlight in winter inhibits a part of the brain, the hypothalamus, from functioning properly. This affects the production of serotonin and melatonin, which scientists believe may be linked to mood control and stabilisation.

In contrast, massage in general is known to boost endorphins, which are the body’s natural happy chemicals. Nuru massage is particularly effective at this because of its sexual nature. It may come as no surprise that sex, arousal and orgasms are known to boost mood. Have you ever lain back, staring at the ceiling in blissful relaxation, after an orgasm? That’s because arousal and orgasms cause the body to produce a mixture of feel-good hormones, including oxytocin and prolactin. These hormones work in harmony with each other to promote feelings of relaxation, contentment and stabilises mood. That’s why an orgasm and arousal feel so good. Nuru massage uses erotic techniques that are guaranteed to arouse and satisfy you. As well as this, it involves body to body contact. Touch has been proven to soothe nerves and comfort people. A nuru massage is all about bare skin on skin touch so you can expect your jangled nerves to be soothed.

Where can I get a nuru massage in London?

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How to make the most out of your tantric massage in Park Lane

Have you ever heard of tantric massage? Made somewhat famous by Sting who once admitted to Q Magazine he practised seven hour tantric sex sessions, tantric massage is an ancient Indian therapy. Dating as far back as 5AD, tantra was practised by monks to keep a clear mind and body free from negative energies, which may trigger illness. Tantric massage evolved as the physical branch of tantra meant to actively stimulate the body and its energies as opposed to emotionally coaxing them.

Many people leave tantric massage sessions feeling rejuvenated and invigorated right down to their soul. A tantric massage has the ability to reach into a person’s soul, right down to the deepest, darkest depths, and help them release any pent-up tensions that they may not have even known they had.

For people who struggle with intimacy, a tantric massage session might help them become more open to receiving affection. A tantric massage usually starts with meditation and focusing on just the body and how it’s working. The masseuse will sit with you, eyes closed and taking deep breaths. Once you’re relaxed, physically and mentally, the masseuse will ask you to take your clothes off and lie back. A tantric massage is best experienced naked. If you want to be more modest or you’re self-conscious, you can keep your underwear on. But it’s important to realise that tantra and its mystical benefits cannot be properly benefitted from with clothes on.

Why do you have to be naked during a tantric massage?

Tantra is about embracing your inner emotions and beliefs in order to realise new potentials and uncover hidden sensations. A tantric massage is often described as a spiritual experience. According to practitioners, it’s very difficult to truly release emotions and go on a spiritual cleanse if you’re weighed down with clothes.

Whether you choose to believe this or not, tantric massage also focuses on promoting skin on skin contact. You can’t deny that touch is very comforting, regardless of how touch-phobic you might be. This is how the massage can help people who battle with intimacy issues – the masseuse will slowly build up the level of contact until you’re totally comfortable and able to fully enjoy the pleasures of touch.

Tantric massage can also be useful for people suffering from sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety, orgasmic issues and struggling to become aroused. Tantra and its intimate touch are very pleasurable, especially when it’s built up notch by notch. A tantric masseuse can slowly tease you, bringing you back and forth from the edge of an orgasm multiple times. This is particularly helpful for people who are suffering from premature ejaculation and performance anxiety.

How to reap the benefits of tantric massage

If you want to truly experience the full spectrum of benefits, keep these tips in mind:

  • Have a shower or bath before and after the massage, preferably shared with the masseuse. Why? Hot water helps to relax you and prepares your tight muscles for the massage. Sharing it with the masseuse builds your emotional connection before the session has begun, meaning that you will be more receptive to her touch.
  • Pair it with a soapy massage. The soapy massage is an exotic Japanese style that involves the masseuse covering your naked body in soap, rubbing it so it forms a lather and smoothing it all over your nooks and crannies. It’s particularly incredible for forming the sexual chemistry that will help later on in the tantric session.
  • Stay hydrated after the massage. Massage stimulates your body’s functions so you produce more waste products than normal. Drink plenty of water after the session so the fluids can flush the excess metabolic waste and toxins from your body.
  • Stay rested. Don’t do anything that might be considered stressful. Stay mindful and do relaxing activities so you don’t reverse the tranquil benefits of the massage.

The best hotels to stay in Park Lane

Pair your tantric massage with a luxury hotel. Here are three of our client favourites:

45 Park Lane – Dorchester Collection
Rooms from £621 a night
Average customer rating on 9.3/10

The Beaumont
Rooms from £421 a night
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The Connaught
Rooms from £420 a night
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A-Z reasons why massage therapy is good for you

An improved immune system

Burns calories

Cortisol, the body’s “stress hormone” is reduced

Decreases migraines and headaches

Eases the symptoms of mental illness, including depression and anxiety

Flexibility is improved

Greatly eases muscle tension

Helps older people achieve a greater range of motion and balance

Increases endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers

Joint mobility is enhanced

Knowledge of your body’s limits is better understood

Lowers blood pressure

Massage feels damn good

Nausea for migraine and cancer sufferers is reduced

Oxygen and blood circulation is improved

Pregnancy symptoms including morning sickness and tiredness are relieved

Quality of life is enhanced

Recovery from injury and illness is stimulated

Serotonin, the body’s “feel good” hormone is released

Temper is improved, especially for dementia sufferers

Unwinds the body and mind

Very effective for relieving stress

Warms up the muscles for exercise

Xtremely therapeutic, say no more!

Your aches and pains subside

Zzzzz, sleeping problems including insomnia and fatigue are relieved


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